Sportier, Lighter M2 Bressay Humidor
Built from precision, aerospace-grade aluminum parts machine-bolted to produce a case of unusual strength, the new M2 Bressay humidor incorporates many of the luxurious features of the original Bressay humidor, including a Spanish cedar interior, internal spotlights, and adjustable helical humidistats, while adding a locking mechanism, a new external temperature and humidity readout display, and an expanded (80 cigar) capacity. Precisely fitted with gas springs and dampeners, the M2 lid opens automatically by activating the trigger in its left handle. A latching mechanism provides the appropriate tension for a proper seal to prevent humidity loss. Suggested retail price is $1,980, about half the price of the Original Bressay, which - machined from solid aluminum billets and milled Spanish cedar blocks - is also available.

Adventure Imports, Santa Monica, Calif., Tel: (310) 392-3682.

DJEEP Introduces New Luxury Disposable Lighters
New DjEEP Luxury Lighters, in the distinctive DjEEP shape, are available in three metallic finishes: gold, silver, and copper. President Scott Ivins says the new lighters attempt to fill "the niche between the cheap throwaways and more costly refillables." Lighters come in single unit blister cards - which feature an outlined version of the classic DjEEP logo with gray, red, and orange graphics - and three-tray counter display units. DjEEP's new compact Luxury Lighter counter merchandiser holds 36 lighters on three disposable trays, and uses only 1/6 of a square foot of counter space.

Swedish Match, Richmond, Va., Tel: (804) 287-3267.

Perelman's 2002 pocket Cyclopedia of Cigars
The new, eighth edition of the Perelman's Pocket Cyclopedia of Cigars has been released, incorporating several new features. Profiles of 1,047 cigar brands distributed in the U.S. include both premium hand rolled as well as machine-made brands, and feature country of origin, leaf types and origin, sizes, shapes, and a brief history. Identification tags for new and re-introduced brands in the main listing allow readers to quickly identify which brands are new since the last edition. Other sections include an almanac of facts on the profiled brands, a primer on cigar basics, and a measurement conversion chart.

Perelman Pioneer & Company, Los Angeles, Calif., Tel (213) 365-7965, Fax: (213) 265-7895.

Griffin's Fine French Humidors
Davidoff has introduced a new collection of Griffin's humidors. Handcrafted in France with a mirro-smooth lacquered wood exterior and natural odorless sapele wood interior, these elegant humidors are available in six distinctive designs and three sizes holding 50, 75, or 120 cigars. The units are equipped with adjustable wooden separator panels and the larger sizes feature removable trays and lock systems. Each features the patented Griffin's self-regulating humidifying system that ensures all cigars will be kept at the ideal humidity level of 70-75%. Styles include natural Macassar, Vavona-root, and flamed Makoré, and eye maple in blue, red, or yellow. Edge filets feature marquetry on larger sizes. Humidors in the collection are priced from $660 to $1,360.

Davidoff of Geneva (CT), Stamford, CT, Tel: (203) 323-5811.

Rugged, Waterproof Cigar Case
Outdoorsmen can now take their premium cigars into the field without fear of rugged conditions or inclement weather, thanks to a new pocket cigar case from Arango Cigar Co. The Arango Sportsman Cigar Case is waterproof, designed to withstand complete immersion. An ingenious and easily replaceable O-ring gasket seal enables the cigar case to float indefinitely, a welcome feature for boaters and fishermen. The O-ring's snug friction fit ensures the telescoping cap remains securely attached to the base. The ABS case is strong enough to stand on, and includes a reinforcing rib along its top and sides. The pocket-size case measures 8 in. long by 3 in. wide by 1 in. high, and is finished in ultra-soft black matte. It holds three cigars up to 8 in. by 54 ring gauge, each in a separate inner sleeve, to prevent damage of the other cigars. The case is packaged in an eye-catching full color box, suitable for hanger display. Suggested retail, $9.95 at keystone.

Arango Cigar Co., Inc., Northbrook, Ill., Tel: (847) 480-0055.

United We Stand Memorial Humidors
Don Salvatore by Buddy Products introduces, for a limited time, the United We Stand Memorial Humidor. Black or cherry Travel Humidors feature an American flag with the words "United We Stand" and the memorable date 9/11/01. Humidors are lined with Fragrant Spanish Cedar and are complete with humistats, hygrometers, and flip-catch locks. They are available in a 12 cigar capacity, retail $29.95. Proceeds will be going to the American Red Cross for the New York City Relief Fund.

Don Salvatore by Buddy Products, Chicago, Ill., Tel: (312) 733-6400, Fax: (312) 733-8356, Email: maryel.q@att.net.

Pocket Cigar Cutters Fit Anywhere
These diminutive pocket guillotine-style cigar cutters are small enough for cigar enthusiast to keep with them at all times, and stylish enough to use on the finest occasions. Designed to accommodate a 50 ring gauge cigar, and precision assembled to withstand repeated use, the cutters are offered a choice of six styles: Gold (plain, zigzag, or wave), Chrome (plain or chevron), and Nickel (braid). Each is packaged in a gift box, with suggested retail prices from $10.50 to $13.75.

F&K Cigar Co., St. Louis, Mo., Tel: (314) 423-2073.

SMOKESHOP - February/March, 2002