Mac Baren Cube Breaks Blending Boundaries

Mac Baren, the Danish producer of fine pipe tobaccos, has released what it calls its ultimate tobacco masterpiece: the Mac Baren Cube. The complex, aromatic, full-bodied blend of over 35 tobaccos and natural flavorings consists of three tobacco blends: burley, Virginia, and Cavendish.

It is "a tobacco with an especially creamy aroma of sweetness and fruit," says Henrik Halberg, owner and master blender, Mac Baren Tobacco Company, who personally created the Cube blend.

Eight different pressed, finely cut Burley tobaccos from various continents give Cube a rich, rounded taste; combined with the other loose tobaccos in Cube they provide a slower, cooler smoke that does not turn bitter.

There are 12 different Virginia tobaccos from Brazil and North America that give Cube sweetness and freshness. The Cavendish blend is comprised of seven different specially-treated Virginia tobaccos that give Cube a "perfect roundness" with a mildly sweet and slightly acidic taste. The Virginias are cut broader than normally which, together with the ready rubbed Burley tobaccos, delivers a slow and pleasant smoke with a creamy sweetness and a slight fruity note. The package is as unique as the blend, designed for the true pipe tobacco connoisseur.

Kretek International, Inc., Moorpark, Calif., Tel: (805) 531-8888, Toll-free: (800) 358-8100, Web: www.kretek.com.

Chocolate Flake from Samuel Gawith

The newest pipe blend from British tobacco maker Samuel Gawith & Co. Ltd. is Chocolate Flake, a rich and hearty "ready-rub," and is offered in dedication to Samuel Gawith, as this was one of his favorite blends. A combination of Virginias and Latakia with a chocolate essence makes this an unforgettable smoking experience. Available in both 50-gram tins and 1-pound bags from Kretek International, Inc.

Kretek International, Inc., Moorpark, Calif., Tel: (805) 531-8888, Toll-free: (800) 358-8100, Web: www.kretek.com.

Peterson of Dublin Adds Shannon

Irish pipe manufacturer Peterson of Dublin has rolled out a new entry in the value segment of the pipe market. Shannon is a beautifully finished pipe with a light and dark tan stain and attractive high gloss finish. Simple in design yet tasteful, it is sure to impress even the most discerning smokers. Suggested retail, $60.

Ashton Distributors, Inc., Philadelphia, Pa., Tel: (215) 676-8778, Toll-free: (800) 327-4866, Web: www.ashtoncigar.com.

Arango Pipe Spray Returns to Market

Arango Cigar Co., national distributor of tobacco products and accessories, is once again offering Arango Pipe Spray, the pipe rejuvenator preferred by pipe lovers everywhere. Arango stopped selling the spray several years ago, until the formulation could be upgraded to meet government environmental guidelines.

"The redeveloped product is now fully compliant, without sacrificing any of its performance," explains Michael Gold, Arango's president, "It is the most effective pipe cleaner ever made."

Arango Pipe Spray refreshes and sweetens even pipes with heavy deposits of sour-tasting buildup in their stems and bowls. It dries almost instantly, and pipes can be smoked five minutes or less after cleaning, with no unpleasant taste. A "no waste" extension tube is provided with each can to easily reach inside the pipe bowl and shank: users simply spray the cleaning formula and residue is immediately dissolved from the shank. After wiping the bowl with a clean cloth and running a pipe cleaner down the shank, the pipe is ready to smoke. Arango Pipe Spray is packaged in 6-oz. cans, with a suggested retail of $9.95 per can.

Arango Cigar Company, Northbrook, Ill., Tel: (847) 480-0055, Toll-free: (800) 222-4427.

SMOKESHOP - February, 2005