High Style German-Made Ashtrays
Ritzenhoff, a division of the centuries-old German company RC Ritzenhoff Cristal, offers an extensive selection of crystal glass ashtrays ranging from whimsical to sophisticated, designed by iconic and emerging designers, architects, and artists. Models include the square "Smoking" in small and large size, the round "Big Smoke," and "Smoking Light," a small, round, hand-held ashtray. Decorative beer glasses, stemware, coffee mugs, espresso sets, and vases are also offered.

Kress International Importers LLC, Naperville, ILL., Tel: (630) 305-7377.

D-Light, Slim Lid-Free Lighter Line from ST Dupont
The newest line of lighters from S.T. Dupont breaks from tradition with an innovative new design that features a horizontal spark wheel and a retracting lighter mechanism that eliminates the need for a lid. The D-Light is 45% slimmer than the company's Line 1 models, and is offered in four designs: sleek brushed aluminum (High Tech), polished palladium with Chinese lacquer (Lacquered Logo), and two "hide and seek" models that reveal either graphic accents (Orange) or hidden messages (Love) when engaged in the open position. Suggested retail, $600 - $725.

S.T. Dupont, Providence, RI, Tel: (401) 943-2100, Fax: (401) 943-1081, Web: www.st-dupont.com.

Csonka Adds Affordable Smoker Cloaker Models
Three new, low-cost Csonka Fresh Line model Smoker Cloakers are now available, offering affordable solutions to lingering smoke odors in vehicles, home, or office. Csonka Car Fresh works to eliminate smoke odors from cars, trucks, campers, boats and all 12-volt applications; $29 - $39 retail. Csonka Desk Fresh is battery powered and highly portable, perfect for small areas, offices, and even refrigerators or pet areas; suggested retail, $39 - $49. Finally, the Csonka Turbo Fresh is designed to eliminate smoke odors from clothing, footwear, and more, making it ideal for closets and small rooms; $49 - $59 retail. All three models have new packaging and keystone plus mark-ups. Csonka is also offering special introductory package deal costs.

Csonka Worldwide, Plainsboro, N.J. Tel: (609) 514-2766, Toll-free: (800) 276-6522, Email: mchunko@csonka.com.

Travel Cigar Humidor/Poker Set
Cigars go hand-in-hand with poker games, and Colibri makes sure the die-hard poker fan is truly prepared for action with the introduction of the first travel cigar humidor combination poker set. Featuring a high-quality leather finish available in a choice of black or brown, the set contains a cedar-lined humidor with humidifier and a complete poker set including two decks of Colibri playing cards, poker chips, and multiple sets of dice. Suggested retail, $129.

The Colibri Group, Providence, R.I., Tel: (401) 943-2100, Web: www.colibri.com.

Z-plus Upgrades Flip-Top Lighters With Torch Flame
The Z-plus is a butane-based torch flame lighter insert designed to replace the standard fluid lighter mechanism in Zippo brand flip-top lighter cases. The lighter inserts are easy to refill, feature an electro quartz ignition mechanism, and deliver a powerful blue torch flame that's windproof and perfect for quickly and evenly lighting cigars.

Blazer Products Inc., Farmingdale, N.Y., Tel: (631) 694-5058, Fax: (631) 694-5063, Web: www.blazerproducts.com.

Habitat Monitor Climate Security System
CMT, Inc. has released the third generation of its Habitat Monitor Climate Security System, a micro processor-based temperature and humidity monitor, alarm system, and climate controller. The unit can be set to sound an internal alarm whenever temperature or humidity are outside desired ranges and can connect to remote alarms, security systems, or phone dialer. It can also control humidifiers, dehumidifiers, heaters, and coolers to maintain accurate conditions in climate-controlled rooms. Two new models add either a Fahrenheit or Celsius LCD digital temperature display in addition to a digital relative humidity display. CMT also offers a line of precision electronic humidification systems.

CMT, Inc., Hamilton, Mass., Tel: (978) 768-2555.

Special Edition Humidors Debut from Ashton
Ashton has released the first round in a series of limited-release special edition humidors that are a departure from the more traditional wood finishes of the main Ashton humidor line. Saxo is decorated with hand-polished mother-of-pearl pastilles and offered in African Wenge, Ebony Macassar veneer, or Black and Ivory lacquer versions. Grain de Sable is crafted from African wenge wood and features gilded and polished metal bands in either gold or silver. Retro Range evokes classic American automobiles of the 1950s complete with chrome grilles and trims, pastel colors, and real leather in either pink, green, ivory, metallic red, or metallic black, while the Metallic line offers the same selection of colors without the decorative elements for a simple, elegant design.

Ashton Distributors, Inc., Philadelphia, Pa., Tel: (215) 676-8778, Web: www.ashtoncigar.com.

Nutritional Supplement for Smokers
Smoker's Essential Gold Formula is a multiple antioxidant dietary supplement formulated to counteract potential negative effects of smoking by strengthening the immune system. According to its makers, exposure to smoke, either directly or secondhand, has been shown to deplete the immune system of vital nutrients necessary to protect the body from illness and disease. Suggested retail $39.95 for a 30-day supply.

Nutritional R&D, Inc., Philadelphia, Pa., Tel: (261) 625-9009, Web: www.smokersessential.com.

SMOKESHOP - February, 2005