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26 Federal Taxation
SCHIP’s Tobacco Tax Hikes
President Obama quickly enacts legislation for an expanded SCHIP program funded by tobacco tax increases, and the industry scrambles to cope.
Staff Report

34 Cigarmaker Profile
Reyes Family Cigars
The company formerly known as Puros Indios Cigars jumps ahead with a new identity and a new Miami boutique factory, putting its family name first.
By Dale Scott

38 Political Issues
Cigar Rights of America:
Making up for Lost Time

Founded last spring, Cigar Rights of America has brought onboard a political sharpshooter to lead the organization and fulfill its vision as a force to stem the erosion of smoking rights, and even help restore them. Already, shifting winds are revealing opportunities for CRA to make concrete gains as it crafts new strategies in the new year.
By Gary Arzt

42 Smokeless Update
Altria Leaps Ahead
By purchasing the world’s largest smokeless tobacco producer, Altria instantly changes its trajectory in the U.S. smokeless segment.
By E. Edward Hoyt III

44 NATO News
Tobacco Plus Expo 2009
For 2009, the Tobacco Plus Expo relocates to a reinvigorated New Orleans and includes more tobacco accessories and non-tobacco products in addition to a full range of tobaco merchandise. Educational seminars offer retailers numerous blueprints for improveing their businesses.
By Thomas A. Briant

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