February 1999
Volume 26
Number 1


Life-Size Cigar Store Indians, Carved Signs

Surely one of the most timeworn symbols of Americana is the cigar store Indian. Like a striped pole at a barber shop, the venerable Indian statue instantly gives a tobacco retail shop identity and legitimacy. Retailers in the market for such a statue would be well-advised to look at the Authentic Treasures Unlimited catalog or Web site (www.authentictreasures.com). The South Carolina-based wholesaler features a wide range of cigar shop statuary, from braves to chiefs, ranging in size from two feet to six feet. Authentic Treasures can custom-design a cigar store Indian for your shop. Prices vary from $129 (plus shipping) for a two foot Indian, to $799 for a six foot version.

In addition, Authentic Treasures Unlimited sells an array of statuary depicting different facets of traditional American life, from bakers to waiters to golfers.

Authentic Treasures Unlimited, 19 Buckingham Plantation. Dr., Bluffton, SC 29910, Tel: (843)-837-9796, Fax: (843)-837-9797.

A study of online shopping this past holiday season found that aging baby boomers outspent supposedly "cybersavvy" twenty-somethings by a wide margin, and that men outspent women. The survey of 1,022 Internet users also found that families with the lowest household incomes spent a greater portion of their holiday shopping dollars online than more affluent Web surfers. Zona Research Inc. of Redwood City says its survey confirms that Internet shopping has become mainstream. America Online Inc. said its members spent more than $1 billion with online retailers from Thanksgiving to Christmas. On average, online shoppers spent three times more at cyber-retailers this holiday season than last season. Average spending rose to $629, up from $216 in 1997. Consumers with the most financial clout those over age 50 spent the most lavishly online. Buyers ages 50 to 54 rang up an average of $626 in holiday sales; those over 55 doled out a whopping $1,819. Internet users under age 25, who are widely believed to be the most comfortable with computer technology, spent the least online. Men outspent women online, to the tune of $707 to $543.

Gabriella Serves it Up Hot
Coffee Machine Makes Beverages Easy

For many, the ideal complement to a good cigar is a cup of espresso or cappuccino. Gabriella Imports, of Cleveland, Ohio, is the North American importer for a very impressive and affordable bean grinding espresso machine that's made in Italy. For half the cost of comparable units, Gabriella Imports makes it easy for cigar lounge proprietors to have steaming espresso or cappuccino available for their patrons. Simple, push-button brewing and cleaning is a feature of this high-volume commercial unit.

The Gabriella unit serves up to seven drinks, and uses state-of-the-art soluble technology to dispense frothed milk to create the perfect cappuccino, cafe latte, or mocha. Each drink is served less than 30 seconds, and the unit holds five pounds of beans, good for 300 drinks.

Gabriella Imports, 5100 Prospect Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44103, Tel: (800)-544-8117, Fax: (800)-544-8217.

SMOKESHOP - February 99