May 2000

Cover Story:
FDA Rules Overturned
Staff Report
Having failed to retain itís Presidentially-bestowed authority, the issue of FDA regulation of tobacco has moved to Congress, where itís immediate future is foggy, but a long-range mandate is clear.
Pipe Makers:
Bearer of the Saint-Claude Torch

by Jim Lawson
A national favorite in its native France, Butz-Choquin - with the help of its new U.S. distributor - banks on history, style, and an ample product line in its bid to raise its American profile.
Producing Regions:
Survival of the Fittest
A DanlŪ Journal: Part Two

by Dale Scott
We continue our look at the state of post-boom manufacturing in Hondurasís cigar-making capital, where the dust continues to settle from a massive expansion-consolidation cycle.

Gifts and Accessories for Cigar, Pipe, and Cigarette Smokers

Banning One's Livelyhood...
by E. Edward Hoyt III

What's Happening and Where in the Tobacco Industry

Legislation, Regulations, and Initiatives

Products and News from the Pipe World

Tobacco Products and Industry Promotions

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