May 2000


Tabac Sherman from Nat Sherman
Worldwide demand for the exceptional bulk pipe tobacco long sold at Nat Sherman’s Fifth Avenue retail store has prompted the company to create 2-ounce vacuum packages of its most popular blends.

Originally offered only in international and duty-free markets, Nat Sherman is now offering three Tabac Sherman blends featuring mellow tones and a rich palate. Blend #509 is a mild, aromatic toasted cavendish with a velvety flavor. Blend #314 is a light golden cavendish with a hint of vanilla; the company’s most popular blend. Blend #307 is a burley tempered with a cashmere-smooth, toasted cavendish.

Nat Sherman Inc., 629 W. 54th St., New York, N.Y. 10019; Tel: (212) 246-5500; Fax: (212) 246-8639.

Two Friends, and Now a New Tobacco Label
It all started last October when Craig Tarler of Cornell & Diehl hosted Gregory Pease, longtime friend and founder of G. L. Pease Tobaccos, for a short vacation.

The two inevitably began exchanging a few "blenders’ secrets" over the course of the visit, and pondered how much fun it would be to collaborate on some blends. Finally, over a bottle of single malt Scotch one evening, the idea for "Two Friends" tobaccos began to take shape. After a couple months of planning, daily phone calls, emailing recipes, and lots of experimenting, the brand was born.

"With my drop of knowledge and Gregory’s pailful, we thought we might be able to come up with some exciting blends," explains Tarler.

"Craig’s knowledge, enthusiasm, and boundless energy, coupled with the beautiful countryside of the North Carolina mountains, has been the real inspiration for these blends," counters Pease.

"These are wonderful. Neither of us would have done them alone, but there was a synergy to our efforts, a merging of the minds. Each of our unique styles comes through, but they work together, like two friends should."

Four blends have been introduced:

  • Bed & Breakfast: Red and bright yellow Virginias are combined with fine oriental leaf, toasted Cavendish, and just a bit of rich Latakia. Its "delicate flavors and subtle nuances make it wonderful for a morning or all-day smoke." Room aroma is "smoky without being overbearing."
  • Celtic Mist: A base of high grade Cavendish with just a bit of Burley is enhanced with sweet Virginia tobaccos and finished with a little essence of Irish Mist. Room aroma is equally "enchanting."
  • Deacon’s Downfall: Dark and mysterious, rich with Latakia, Black Cavendish, dark stoved Virginias, and Perique. A bit of oriental leaf adds an exotic spice. This is for those seeking a "big, powerful flavor that isn’t harsh or overwhelming."
  • Valle Crucis: A blend of fine stoved Virginia and oriental tobaccos, rich Cyprian Latakia, black toasted Cavendish, and just a pinch of Perique, finished with a delicate top note of ginger. A "subtle sweetness and gentle spice is present from first light to last puff, and a clean, dry ash demonstrates the tobacco’s purity."
Each of the blends are sold vacuum-packed in 8 ounce, re-sealable, heavy plastic bags, and priced slightly higher than everyday bulk blends.

"We are very excited about the opportunity to bring premium blends to the pipe smoking community at reasonable prices," says Tarler. "We’re really excited about this collaboration, and look forward to working together on more blends."

Cornell & Diehl, P.O. Box 475, Morganton, NC 28680, Tel: (800) 433-0080, www.cornellanddiehl.com.

Packaged Pipe Tobacco
1999 U.S. imports, in kilos
Origin 1999 1998
Belgium 19,133 0
Canada 423 4,086
Denmark 100,291 35,680
Egypt 45,443 40,911
Germany 19,497 3,205
Honduras 0 22,112
Ireland 2,966 727
Lebanon 315 0
Netherlands 29,743 54,239
Norway 125 210
Sweden 141,139 179,651
U.K. 17,909 11,775
TOTAL 377,592 352,596
Source: Tobacco Merchants Association.

SMOKESHOP - April 2000