An Avo 75th Anniversary Cigar
Davidoff of Geneva has created a limited edition Avo 75th Anniversary Cigar in the classic double corona format to celebrate the 75th birthday of musician, composer, cigar connoisseur, and Avo brand creator Avo Uvezian. This limited edition 75th Anniversary edition was created especially to commemorate Avo's birthday celebration held on March 22 in New York City.

"The special blend of this cigar cannot be compared with any other Avo cigar in terms of strength and aroma," the company notes. The cigars, made by Hendrik Kelner in the Dominican Republic, features an exclusive sun-grown wrapper leaf from Ecuador underwent multiple fermentation. The blend is composed of select Ligero and Seco tobaccos from Piloto and San Vicente tobaccos which are cultivated in four different areas of the Cibao valley on this Caribbean Island. The high proportion of Ligero tobacco gives the festive cigar its robust flavor. It would not be an Avo, however, if its strength were not harmoniously balanced with its aroma. A stylish cigar band and refined box of ten cigars with the special Avo 75th Anniversary label complete the elegant packaging for this birthday edition.

Avo 75th Anniversary cigars are available as of April, in specially designed elegant wooden boxes of 10. The cigar measures 7 inches x 50 ring gauge.

Davidoff of Geneva, Inc., 550 West Avenue, Stamford, CT 06902, Tel: (203)-323-5811, Fax: (203)-975-0090.

Agio Debuts DiMeola Cigars
DiMeola brand cigars, hand made in the Dominican Republic at Agio Caribbean Tobacco Co. under the supervision of Richard DiMeola - a veteran of 44 years in the premium cigar business - have been introduced in the U.S. market by Agio Cigars USA.

"Having been weaned on the best cigars in the world since 1956, and having developed literally hundreds of cigars from various countries over the years, I had a concept of what sort of cigar I wanted to help create that would bear my name," DiMeola said. "When I saw the fantastic expertise and meticulousness with which Agio Caribbean Tobacco Company constructs their premium, hand made products, I knew this was the factory I wanted my cigar to come from."

DiMeola cigars produce a spicy beginning with a pleasant mellowness and rich depth of taste and aroma at the finish, according to Agio. "The aroma is zesty, yet pleasingly subtle," notes DiMeola. Aged Dominican Ligero and Seco leaves from Vuelta Abajo seed are blended with a bit of Brazilian leaf, combined with a Santo Domingo Dominican binder and finished with a dark fermented, fully aged oily wrapper from Brazil.

They are available initially in six sizes : Magnificos (5 1/4 x 38/48), Gran Robusto (5 3/4 x 52), Oledas (534 x 40), Belicosos (5 7/8 x 46), Regalias (6 x 42/50), and Numero Uno (6 1/2 x 44). Cigars are packaged in 25-count, full-color boxes.

With suggested retail prices ranging between $3.95 and $6.75 each, this new range of cigars is meant to appeal to all cigar lovers who prefer a zesty taste and aroma at an affordable price.

David Salem, president of Agio Cigars USA said, "We're enthused to be working with Dick DiMeola on the presentation of his cigar to the American public. Having worked with him on the development and production of this fine cigar brand, we're confident that such a wonderful product under such a well known name in the trade will be profitable for everyone involved."

Agio Cigars, USA, 5602 Thompson Center Ct., Suite 400, Tampa, FL 33634, Tel: (813) 884-4022, Toll-free: (888) 867-2446, Fax: (813) 884-4046, www.agiousa.com

Natural American Spirit Rare Tobacco Cigarettes
Santa Fe Natural Tobacco has launched an innovative line extension, Natural American Spirit Perique Blend Filter Cigarettes. Perique tobacco - a dark, pungent, intensely-flavored tobacco variety - is among the world's rarest and most sought after types of tobacco. When combined with the regular whole leaf, additive-free Natural American Spirit tobacco blend, Perique adds a distinctive, rich and spicy taste impossible to imitate.

Authentic Perique tobacco is grown exclusively in the fertile black soils of St. James Parish in Southern Louisiana, where it was first cultivated by Choctaw and Chickasaw Indians more than 400 years ago. The farming and fermenting traditions were eventually taught to the region's Acadian settlers.

Today, authentic Perique tobacco is produced solely by Percy Martin and his family on their historic farm in Grande Pointe, Louisiana, where the Martins have cultivated Perique for nearly two centuries. Employing a centuries-old, labor-intensive process, the tobacco undergoes pressurized curing in hickory-wood whiskey barrels to create the distinctive flavor, strength, and sweet aroma of St. James Perique.

As the world's last producer of Perique, the Martin family continues its rituals in bringing this quality tobacco to market each year. Their age-old knowledge and attention to detail, combined with Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company's meticulous quality standards, has resulted in one of the world's rare tobacco treats - a Perique blend cigarette. Santa Fe Natural has purchased, and will continue to purchase, Martin's entire crop, making them the exclusive producer of authentic Perique tobacco cigarettes.

Packaged in a distinctive black soft pack with the familiar "tobacco chief" logo, Natural American Spirit Perique Blend Filter Cigarettes are the most recent addition to the company's line of additive-free tobacco cigarettes and roll-your-own products.

Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Co., P.O. Box 25140, Santa Fe, NM 87504, Tel: (505) 982-4257, Toll-free: (800) 982-7454, Fax: (505) 982-0156.

Limited Partagas No. 1 Square Press
To reward Partagas consumers for their brand loyalty, General Cigar Co. is offering a free Partagas No. 1 - a limited edition square-pressed cigar - to consumer who purchase any three Partagas brand cigars. The promo starts May 1, and continues while supplies last. "With the popularity of square-pressed cigars on the rise, we believe it's the opportune time for Partagas, one of our most popular brands, to capitalize on the trend," said Cooper Gardiner, marketing director for General Cigar Holdings, Inc.

POS Display for Nat Sherman Cigarettes
Nat Sherman has introduced a new countertop display worthy of its legendary cigarettes. The unit meets many of the requirements that retailers are challenged to address on a daily basis. First, it has the ability to be either self-serve or staff-serviced. Secondly, it can simultaneously handle all of the configurations of Nat Sherman packaging in one display. Its small footprint brings great profits per counter inch. If you would like to use this new display for your Nat Sherman products, ask for item number 014S when contacting the company.

Nat Sherman, Inc., 629 West 54th Street 6th Flr., New York, NY 10019, Tel: (212) 246-5500, Toll-free: (800) 221-1690, Fax: (212) 246-8639.

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