Golden Dice, New Mixture from Mac Baren
Danish tobacco producer Mac Baren Tobacco Co. has created a very unusual new pipe smoking mixture, Golden Dice. The blend combines tiny cubes of golden Virginia with loose cut, mild black Cavendish. Company directors Henrik Halber and Per Buch describe the mixture as "a completely new way of smoking a pipe." The cubes are slow-burning, while the loose-cut tobacco is easy to light and promotes "smoking convenience." The end result is a long lasting smoke.

Overall, the blend is mild (ranked a "1" on the Mac Baren strength scale), described as "pure and gentle, with a mild, but pleasant characteristic smell of Virginia tobacco."

Golden Dice is packaged in 40gm pouches. Members of the free Mac Baren smoking club received a complimentary 5gm sample of the mixture with the newest club newsletter, Explore.

Lane Limited., 2280 Mountain Industrial Blvd., Tucker, GA 30084, Tel: (770) 934-8540, Toll-free: (800) 241-6579, Fax: (770) 934-8608.

Nording's Hunter Blends Premium Pipe Tobaccos
Eric Nording has introduced a new line of pipe tobaccos, Erik Nording's Hunter Blend Premium tobaccos, that were developed and are being produced by McClelland Tobacco Company.

"They are the only people we trusted with the task of creating wonderful, earthy mixtures to compliment Erik's freehand style of pipes," said John Link, president of James B. Russell., the line's U.S. distributor and the key force in bring the line to fruition. Three blends, named after man's "most trusted companions," are available.

Retriever is a premium light tobacco blend, described as clean smoking, lightly sweet and mellow to the taste, with a wonderful aroma. A blend of premium Virginias and Cavendish is a classic.

Pointer is a premium Danish blend of top quality Virginia and Burley tobaccos subtly flavored and aged under pressure in the Danish tradition. It is described as "mellow and satisfying."

Finally, there is Fox Hound, a premium Latakia-rich blend. The finest Cyrpian, Latakia, and Orientals tobaccos from Macedonia and Turkey give this mild English style blend its smoothness and seductive aroma.

Each blend is available in 50 gram, resealable tins. Manufacturer suggested retail price is $9.50 ea.

James B. Russell, Inc., 25 Park Way, Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458, Toll-free: (800) 526-4653, Fax: (201) 934-6370, www.jamesbrussell.com.

Two Friends, G.L. Pease Add New Blends
Cornell & Diehl has introduced a new blend to its Two Friends label, which is produces in conjunction with G.L. Pease.

Heritage is described as a sophisticated, traditional American style blend. Red and lemon Virginias are blended with mild brown and unflavored black Cavendish tobaccos, and a bit of fine, high-grade burley leaf for a touch of extra body. A "subtle and intriguing flavor," is added to enhance the natural sweetness of the Virginias and provide a light room aroma.

G.L. Pease, meanwhile, has added two new blends to its own line pipe tobaccos, which are also distributed by Cornell & Diehl.

G.L. Pease Haddo's Delight is a stout blend of several Virginia tobaccos with a generous measure of long-cut perique. Unflavored Green River black Cavendish and a little air-cured white burley ribbon provide fullness, body, and a bit of extra strength. Finally, an exclusive process darkens and marries the mixture. The flavor is described as "full on the palate, earthy, slightly sweet and intriguingly piquant, with overtones of figs and raisins." The blend will be particularly attractive to perique lovers.

Barbary Coast utilizes fine cube-cut Burley, chosen for its deep, nutty flavors, forming a robust foundation for this sophisticated blend. Rich, red Virginia tobaccos are added for their subtle sweetness and complexity, while the unique spice of perique provides added dimension. A touch of brandy polishes the blend. The blend has hints of black walnut, dark chocolate, and dried fruits. It is described as a perfect "all-day" smoke.

Finally, for something truly unusually, Pease has created the Hoover Mix 2000 which is available in very limited quantities on a first come, first serve basis.

"As some of you know, I purchased a special vacuum that has only been used to retrieve the tobacco crumbs from the blending table during the current year," explained Pease. "These were all mixed into one ‘blend' for those of you who dare."

Cornell & Diehl, Inc., Morgantown, NC, Tel: (800) 433-0080, Fax: (828) 433-1083.

SMOKESHOP - April/May 2001