Durable New Cutter from Xikar
Xikar has turned to an advanced metal injection molding (MIM) process for the manufacturing of it newest cigar cutter, the Xi3 MIM Tech. Following the familiar ergonomic teardrop shape and double-guillotine action of the original Xi and Xi2 cutters, this precision unit delivers a powerful cut with from a single squeezing motion. Rubberized plastic gripes are seamlessly bonded to two self-sharpening, German-made HRC 58 stainless blades, which balance stain resistance, edge retention, durability, and ease of sharpening. Suggested retail, $79.

Xikar, Kansas City, Missouri, (888) 266-1193.

Combo Unit Makes Others Obsolete
The Magnum VII is a combination torch lighter and cigar cutter that was developed to make all other such products obsolete, says its manufacturer. Ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the palm, the lighter features a spring-loaded cigar cutter that pops out from the units side. A concentrated torch flame can light up any cigar in an instant. Magnum VII is available in six colors, all with textured chrome ignition area: black, navy, gray, maroon, green, and red. Suggested retail, $34.95.

Gargoyle Cigar Co., New York, N.Y., Tel: (888) 842-7469.

Entrepreneur Display Joins Executive Series
The newest display humidor from Stewart-Beckwith, the Executive Series: Entrepreneur, features a humidified display area with five Spanish cedar shelves, Two humidified storage drawers are designed for loose cigars, and a humidified storage area holds full boxes. Manufactured from mahogany and Spanish cedar, the unit is available with the company's standard dark mahogany finish, or can be custom finished to match existing decors. The decorative crown molding and attention to detail make this an elegant addition to any location. Overall dimension are 76 inches tall, by 42 inches wide by 20 inches deep.

Stewart-Beckwith, San Jose, Calif., Tel: (408) 298-9910.

Cigar Accessories With Custom Laser Engraving
Custom cigar cases are a terrific way to promote businesses and events. Csonka Cigar Requisites has made custom cases for numerous top names in a variety of industries for use as promotional premiums, gifts, and event remembrances. The company provides precise, detailed custom laser engraving of logos, company names, and logos on its line of affordable portable humidors: Pocket Humidor, Cigar Valet, and Cigar Traveler, with capacities from 2 to 14 cigars. Cases are available in classic black, saddle ta, or burgundy wine.

Csonka Cigar Requisites, Inc, Plainsboro, N.J., Tel: (609) 514-2766, Fax: (609) 514-7329.

Crystal Tobacco Candles
Arango Cigar Co. now offers new versions of their patented Arango Sportsman Tobacco Candle: Crystal Tobacco Candles attractively presented in glass jars available in odorless, vanilla, or strawberry. Designed to eliminate smoking odors, all Sportsman candles feature Arango's "Amazing Green Dot," a column of natural wood and citrus essence that burns parallel to the wick and removes stale tobacco odors from a room. A high-melt wax prevents drip, extending overall candle life to 50 hours of burning time. Suggested retail, $10. Also available is the original Sportsman Tobacco Candle, suggested retail $6.

Arango Cigar Co., Northbrook, Ill., Tel: (800) 222-4427.

SureStart Utility Lighter for Outdoor Enthusiasts
With an eye towards the growing outdoor recreational market, BIC has launched the SureStart Outdoor Lighter, the newest in its line of child-resistant utility lighters. A long wand and trigger-type lighting control make the unit ideal for campfires, lanterns, stoves, grills, and candles. Packaging has been designed to appeal to outdoor enthusiasts. Suggested retail, $4.99.

BIC Corporation, Milford, Conn., Tel: (203) 783-2000.

And the Winner Is...
Whoever said two heads are better than one must have had Colibri's newest cigar lighter, The Oscar, on their mind. This versatile accessory solves the problem of cigar smokers who favor smokes of different sizes with not one, but two built-in retractable cigar punches - different sizes that work beautifully with any cigar. This patent-pending unit features the manufacturer's Quantum SST ignition system. Suggested retail, $79.95.

The Colibri Group, Providence, RI, Tel: (401) 943-2100.

SMOKESHOP - April/May 2001