Safely Stash Lit Cigars with Cigar Nanny
The Cigar Nanny was designed with golfers in mind, to allow storage of a cigar between shots. It attaches to a golf cart or bag, and allows a cigar to hang vertically, insuring an even, upward burn. The Cigar Nanny ensures that the cigar will not roll off a golf cart seat onto the ground, an attachable clip making it possible to hang and retrieve the cigar before and after a shot. It is possible to customize the patented Billboard of the Cigar Nanny with a company logo, which, according to the company, will be seen approximately 150 times per round of golf. The Cigar Nanny retails at $15 per unit for orders up to 50 units, and range down to $12 per unit for orders over 100 units.

Cigar Nanny, Franklin, TN, Tel. (615) 791-3944, Email: Chad4re@aol.com, Web: www.cigarnanny.com

Cutter "S," Intruder Offer from Prometheus
Prometheus has introduced the Cutter S, a slim, light-weight cigar cutter featuring a pair of ultra sharp, stainless steel fold-out scissors. Made in Japan, it is available in four finish styles with a suggested retail $59.95. As a special manufacturer's gift offer, the cutters are packaged with a free Intruder laser flame jet turbo lighter, which alone retails for $39.95.

Prometheus International, Inc., Bell, Calif., Tel. (323) 261-7200, Fax (323) 261-0801, Web: www.prometheuskkp.com

SmoKit Cigarillo and Cigarette Case
Given the explosive growth in the cigarillo market and the massive size of the cigarette market, Csonka's SmoKit Travel Case - designed specifically for both cigarettes and cigarillos - is a timely new item for tobacco shops and outlets. The uniquely designed and luxuriously accessorized SmoKit includes Csonka's new, beautifully engineered portable stainless steel ashtray, a quartz clock, storage bay for standard lighters humidity regulator, and more. Its steel case construction is durable, and the exterior is a softly padded Napa, available in several colors. Csonka says it's sure to be a hit at the retail price point of about $39.

Csonka Cigar Requisites, Inc., Plainsboro, N.J., Tel: (609) 514-2766, Fax: (609) 514-7329, e-mail: mchunko@csonka.com, Web: www.csonka.com

Digital Hygrometer from Don Salvatore
Don Salvatore offers a wide selection of humistats and hygrometers appropriate for any size humidor. The newest addition to the company's collection is the Digital Hygrometer. This highly accurate unit with thermometer has a built-in stand for desktop use, or it can be placed on the inside bottom of the humidor if desired. The hygrometer is accurate to within 5% at relative humidity levels of 25% to 95%. The digital thermometer accuracy is 1 degree centigrade (1.8F) at ranges within 14F to 122F (-10C to 50C). Centigrade or fahrenheit scales may be selected by switch. Battery is included.

Buddy Products also offers a point-of-purchase display for its humistats and hygrometers, specially-designed to increase sales dramatically by getting the products up and in the eyes of the buyer. With the display retailers receive five each of the following items: 1540 Round Humistat for 50 piece humidors, 1541 Round Humistat for 10-25 piece humidors, 1542 Rectangle Humistat for 50 piece humidors, 1543 Large Rectangle Humistat for 75-100 piece humidors, 1544 Adjustable Hygrometer and 1545 Adjustable Hygrometer & Humistat Set for 50 piece humidors.

Don Salvatore by Buddy Products, Chicago, Ill.,Tel: (800) 886.8688, Fax: (312) 733.8356, Web: www.buddyproducts.com/prodcigar

Perelman's Pocket Cigar Finder
Retailers and wholesalers who need to keep up-to-date with the numerous changes in the cigar industry regularly turn to the Perelman's Pocket Cigar Finder is a concise lookup guide of 1,072 active cigar brands. Now in it's 8th edition, the guide quickly reveals a brand's country of origin, strength on a scale of 1 to 5, number of shapes, whether maduro or candella versions are offered, and the brand's primary U.S. distributor. Separate sections list handmade, machine made, and small cigars. Finally, an address and telephone directory of distributors and manufacturers for all brands listed in the Finder means retailers can track down and order any cigar brand in a jiffy. Single copy price, $15.

Perelman, Pioneer & Company, Los Angeles, Calif., Toll-free: (888) 766-5308 , Fax: (213) 365-7895.

SMOKESHOP - April/May, 2002