Prague will host this year's EuroTab trade trade show June 12-14. It is the largest and most comprehensive tobacco products showcase in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, the CIS countries, and the Middle East. It serves the complete spectrum of the tobacco industry, from wholesalers to distributors, importers, and retailers.

Eurotab is the premier exhibition for all segments of the retail tobacco industry. At EuroTab 2002 in Prague, Czech Republic, suppliers of tobacco products and accessories will market their goods to the entire supply chain of the European, Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), and Middle East tobacco industries. If a product can be sold to the tobacco consumer, it will be found at EuroTab.

EuroTab is a completely innovative concept. Attendees will be drawn from all segments of the extended tobacco family, from manufacturing to retail, to create a truly vertically-integrated exhibition. Never before have all segments of the European tobacco industry been present under one roof. In the past, all distribution-retail shows have been national. "Until now, the distribution-retail segment has never had its own Pan-European show," explained Robert Lockwood, president of Lockwood Publications, organizer and sponsor of the show.

A Pan-European show is very timely, particularly in such rapidly changing times, marked by the introduction of the Euro and the integration of the European market. It will be an enormous shopping fair for the widest variety of cigars, pipes, cigarettes (including additive-free cigarettes), RYO, chewing tobacco, snuff, and every possible smoking accessory ever seen on display in Europe. Importers, distributors, wholesalers, duty-free shops, and retailers will find EuroTab to be the ideal opportunity to diversify and broaden their product lines.

Visitors will come in daily contact with suppliers to the European retail and distribution tobacco industries - manufacturers from Europe, the United States, and the Caribbean. Organizers expect an impressive turnout, with more than 150 exhibitors and 1,500 visitors.

Attendees will represent the frontline of the European, CIS, and Middle East tobacco industries. Wholesalers, importers, distributors, retailers, chain store managers, and other tobacco product buyers will descend on Prague to network, buy tobacco products and accessories, and gather information about the tobacco industry. Buyers cigarettes, cigars, snuff, chewing tobacco, loose tobacco or pipe tobacco, accessories including ashtrays, lighters, RYO papers, humidors, cigar cases, pipes, and other promotional items. In all, tobacco professionals from more than 50 countries will attend.

Why Prague?
Prague, located in the heart of Europe, is a link between Western and Eastern Europe. "Golden Prague," so named for its square, gold-tipped Gothic towers, is the cultural center of the Czech Republic and a beautiful mix of old and new cultures. The city is centrally located and easily accessible by airplane, railroad, and auto. Prumyslovy Palace (Industrial Palace) will host the trade show and symposium.

Social Events
Nothing beats great food and great beer, unless they're followed by a fine cigar. One of EuroTab's highlights this year will be a cigar dinner held at U Fleku, the Czech Republic's oldest and best known brewery, dating back to 1499. Locals, some who have dined regularly at the brewery for decades, consider U Fleku to be one of Prague's best restaurants.

Another highlight will be this year's Gala Dinner, to be held at the Zofin Palace. Built in 1835, this classic landmark has distinguished itself as one of the most important hubs of culture and society in Prague and all of Bohemia. Richly decorated neo-Renaissance interiors and exteriors make the "Zofin Palace" an ideal setting for an event of the highest social and cultural caliber - and that is what the Gala Dinner promises to be.

For more information, visit eurotab.com or contact:
Lockwood Publications, 26 Broadway, Floor 9M, New York, NY 10014, Tel: (1)(212) 391-2060, Fax: (1)(212) 827-0945, E-mail: info@eurotab.com.

For exhibitor information, contact:
Frank B. Schutze, Show Director, Tel: (49)(30) 645-7212, Fax: (49)(30) 6409-1350 E-mail: f.schuetze@eurotab.com

SMOKESHOP - April/May, 2002