ReplenishMints: Nutrient-Rich Breath Mints for Smokers
A brand-new concept in the breath-mint category, ReplenishMints by Tabacur, LLC are nutrient-rich mints specifically created to combat the effects of smoking for both smokers and those exposed to sidestream tobacco smoke.

ReplenishMints are not designed to help individuals quit smoking, but rather to enable smokers to get the nutrition they need to boost their bodies' defenses against illness and disease. They contain a blend of vitamins C and E, selenium, n-acetyl cysteine, green tea extract, resveratrol, and other nutrients that aid in replenishing the smoker's antioxidant defense system to combat the free radicals in tobacco smoke.

Taken throughout the day, ReplenishMints not only deliver long-lasting breath protection, but deliver these important nutrients on an ongoing basis, making them more effective than once-a-day pills for sustaining high antioxidant levels in the blood - essential in dealing with the overtaxing of the antioxidant levels caused by smoking. ReplenishMints are available in stick packs of 12 mints (suggested retail: $1.29) and boxes of 30 (suggested retail: $2.59).

Tabacur, LLC, Greenwood Village, Colo., Tel: (866) 384-7521, Fax: (303) 887-5118, Web: www.replenishmints.com.

Savinelli Offers "Q" Series" Value-priced, Handcrafted Humidors
Savinelli Ltd., the Italian company renowned for their prized line of tobacco pipes and premium cigars, has introduced a new line of handcrafted cigar humidors. The Savinelli "Q" Series humidors are assembled in an Italian furniture factory and are available in both blue and natural versions, each with elegantly rounded corners. Each box holds approximately 50 cigars and comes fully equipped with hygrometer, humidifier, two dividers, and gold inside hinges. The suggested retail price for the Q Series humidors is an affordable $399.99.

Savinelli, USA, Inc., Morrisville, N.C., Tel: (919) 481-1948, Web: www.savinelliusa.com.

Colors Add Variety to Pocket Cigar Cases from Xikar
Xikar has expanded its line of crush-proof travel cigar cases with three color options. The Envoy pocket cigar case is available in cognac, red, and blue in addition to the original black, and holds three cigars up to 54 ring gauge each. Covered in top-grain armada leather, the cases have a well-dressed appearance and a soft feel. Each color has handsome contrast stitching - white on black, silver on blue, tan on cognac, and jet-black on red - that secures the leather and adds a contemporary look.

The cases' inner lining is constructed of genuine cedar, which holds in the cigars' ambient humidity and projects a fresh cedar aroma upon opening. The ends are finished with stylish metal caps that reinforce the case's strength.

Xikar, Inc., Kansas City, Mo, Toll-free: (888) 266-1193, Web: www.xikar.com.

Perdomo Joins Perry Ellis to Market Guayabera Shirts
Tabacalera Perdomo S.A. has forged a marketing alliance with apparel giant Perry Ellis International to manufacture and market a line of Perdomo-branded guayabera shirts.

The guayabera, a loose fitting pleated shirt that is an iconic symbol of Cuban culture, has been enjoying a renaissance in popularity and gaining a devoted following in the U.S. The Perdomo Guayabera is available in four basic styles, with design highlighting the company or one of its cigar products: a traditional four-pocket linen-and-cotton shirt, available in three colors (Tabacalera Perdomo); a casual black shirt with copper and silver embroidery (Edicion de Silvio); a casual ivory shirt with brown embroidery (ESV 1991); and a casual two-tone black-and-white shirt (La Tradicion Perdomo Reserve).

All the Perdomo Guayaberas are available in sizes from medium to XXXL, and carry a suggested retail price of $50.

Tabacalera Perdomo, S.A., Miami Lakes, Fla., Toll-free: (877) 473-7366, Web: www.perdomocigars.com.

Orleans Group Introduces Lamborghini Humidors
Orleans Group International, the nation's largest wholesaler of cigar accessories, is now the distributor of humidors and other accessories bearing the name and logo of Tonino Lamborghini, one of the most prestigious names in Italian sports cars.

The Lamborghini humidors echo the exciting look of the cars, with their lacquered colors of orange, yellow, royal blue, and red. Highlighting the collection of humidors are the Monte Carlo, a 120-count high-lacquer box available in each of the Lamborghini colors, with a hygrometer and humidifier included; the 120-count Grand Prix, with a carbon fiber-style finish and beveled glass top, an exterior hygrometer and key lock, and an inside tray; and the Lehman's (also 120-count), a rosewood-leather combination humidor with a brass lock and handles on the exterior, a cedar tray with three dividers, two humidifiers and hygrometer. All of the Tonino Lamborghini humidors have interiors lined with Spanish cedar.

Orleans Group International, Inc., Boca Raton, Fla., Toll-free: (888) 876-2363, Web: www.orleansgroup.com.

Original Blazer Torch Lighters Return
Blazer Products, Inc. has announced the return of their original Blazer Cigar Torch, model PB207, which set the standard for the many torch lighters that followed it.

Featuring the industry's first state-of-the-art piezo-electric quartz crystal instant ignition system and butane blue wind-resistant 2500-degree flame, the precision-engineered Torch ensures complete lighting safety with its unique child-resistant feature. Thanks to its fast, reliable ignition and wind-resistant flame, the Torch is ideal for use in outdoor locations such as golf courses, beaches, or boats.

The PB207 is offered in an attractive gift box and in four stylish colors: black, clear, red, and yellow. Each unit features a clear fuel gauge at the lower portion of the lighter.

Blazer Products, Farmingdale, N.Y., Tel: (631) 694-5058, Fax: (631) 694-5063, Web: www.blazerproducts.com.

New Zippo Fuel Formula Improves Lighter Performance
After testing it in 2005, Zippo Manufacturing Company has introduced to the market a new lighter fluid formula with improved performance that also burns cleaner, causes less skin irritation, and has less odor.

Like the original Zippo lighter fluid formulation, the new fuel is petroleum-based, but more highly refined. Dubbed "cool fuel," it contains cosmetic-grade petroleum distillates, making it less irritating to skin. The less detectible odor, while perhaps causing concern to die-hards with sentimental memories, is a boon to hunters who prefer only natural scents, and to cigar smokers, who have customarily complained that the lingering taste of the fuel often detracted from the flavor of a cigar.

The new fuel was especially formulated to work with Zippo flint-and-wheel ignition systems, and the company encourages all users of Zippo pocket lighters to utilize it, along with Zippo flints and wicks, for optimum performance.

Zippo Manufacturing Co., Bradford, Pa, Tel: (814) 368-2700, Web: www.zippo.com.

BIC Launches New Camouflage Design Lighters
Mossy Oak, the industry leader in camouflage design, has forged a new licensing arrangement with BIC to launch six new pocket lighters that feature Mossy Oak patterns.

Headquartered in West Point, Mississippi, Mossy Oak specializes in developing and marketing modern camouflage designs for hunters and outdoorsmen featured on numerous products worldwide. The Mossy Oak BIC lighters have a suggested retail price of $1.69.

"The BIC Collector Series featuring the Mossy Oak brand camouflage designs provides consumers with a great way to express their love of the outdoors," said Sheila Fox, brand manager, Lighters, BIC Consumer Products USA. The lighters join other BIC products being introduced in 2006, including the BIC Gripper lighter and refillable case, to be followed this summer by the next phase, BIC C2 Select metal cases in a chrome finish.

BIC USA, Inc., Milford, Conn., Tel: (203) 783-2000, Fax: 203-783-2081, Web: www.bicworld.com.

SMOKESHOP - April, 2006