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Havana Collection Xi3 Cutters from Xikar

Xikar’s new Xi3 Havana Collection is a fusion of Cuban style, Parisian art, and the company’s flagship Xi3 cigar cutter. Each cutter is one-of-a-kind with painted maple wood handles that are crafted onto the body of the Xi3 model cutter. The Havana Collection is available in five colors including green, yellow, red, blue, and black. The cutters, which retail starting at $299.99 come in a stingray leather sheath and gift box.

Xikar International, Kansas City, Mo., Toll-free (866) 676-7380, E-mail: info@xikar.com, Web: www.xikar.com.

End Table Humidor Put Cigars on Display

Quality Importers has added a new item to their growing line of humidor furniture. The Scottsdale end table with its 300 cigar storage capacity measures 26”W x 24”D x 24”H. The three divider trays, humidifier, hygrometer, and Spanish cedar interior make the Scottsdale a functional humidor while the beveled glass top, brass fixtures, sculpted wood legs, and oak or cherry finish make it a stylish addition to any den, study, or home office. Suggested retail, $499.

Quality Importers Trading Co., Inc., Pembroke Pines, Fla., Toll-free: (888) 795-4839, Tel: (954) 602-5637, E-mail: sales@qualityimporters.com, Web www.qualityimporters.com

Havana Draw Enhancer in New Pen Format

Don Salvatore has engineered this cigar draw tool into a convenient new format with its new Havana Draw Enhancer pen style. Lightweight and portable, the Havana Draw Enhancer fits right in a pocket and its stainless steel shaft with angular diamond-cut serrations is an effective means of improving draw by eliminating plugs in cigars of all shapes and sizes. The serrations break up plugs and gently shave around knots. It can be inserted in either end of the cigar and used to create multiple channels in the same cigar. You can also leave the Enhancer in the end of your cigar as a handle, allowing you to smoke the cigar to its base without burning your fingers.

Don Salvatore, Chicago, Ill., Toll-free: (800) 886-8688, Tel: (312) 733-6400, E-mail: sdifiglio@buddyproducts.com, Web: www.donsalvatore.net.

Andre Garcia Cigar Finger Cases

Andre Garcia, which has been the luxury cigar case crafter in India behind many well-known brands over the years, has debuted its own line of branded cigar cases. Adhering to the philosophy that one size does not fit all, the line is available in a wide array of sizes, from single-stick cases to 20-finger cases. Also included are cases for 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, and 16 cigars. Each size comes in their zipper-top Manhattan or Buffalo Horn styles. The cases carry a suggested retail price from $25 — $150 depending on size and style, each case has hard sided construction and cedar lining.

Ash Burn LLC, Nashua, N.H., Tel: (978) 726-7606, E-mail: enquiry@andregarciacases.com, Web: www.andregarciacases.com.

Aircraft-Legal Lighter Transport Case from Prometheus

As a result of the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004, the Transportation Security Administration banned the carrying of lighters in commercial aircraft cabins. The Prometheus Lighter Travel Case has obtained a special permit that allows passengers to transport lighters. Passengers can put their favorite lighter into the case and check it through to their destination (within the United States). The Prometheus Travel Case is crushproof, waterproof, and airtight, measuring 4.8” wide x 3.7” deep and 1.7” high. The suggested retail price is $19.95 per case.

Prometheus International, Inc., Commerce, Calif., Tel: (323) 869-9200, E-mail: Prometheus@prometheuskkp.com, Web: www.prometheuskkp.com.

Hot Rod Lighters Capture Spirit of Speed

Calico Brands, Inc. has rolled out Scripto’s new line of “Hot Rod” sparkwheel lighters. Each lighter features sleek images of vintage hot rod sports cars. There are five different models, each one featuring a different hot rod image but all representing America’s affection for speed and style. The entire line is offered with a choice of themed counter display or Display-A-Tray. The lighters have a suggested retail price of $1.19.

Calico Brands, Inc., Ontario, Calif., Toll-free: (800) 544-4737, Tel: (909) 930-5000, E-mail: ross@calicobrands.com, Web: www.calicobrands.com.

Max Benjamin Mini Cigar Bar

The Max Benjamin mini cigar bar is the newest “must-have” item for the fashion-centric entertainer. The mini cigar bar is portable and can accommodate your favorite bottle as well as your favorite cigars. Included with the cigar bar are an all- leather, cedar-lined cylindrical humidor, lighter, and acrylic glasses. The bag itself is all-leather and available in either black or brown, retail price is $295.

Max Benjamin LLC., Redding, Conn., Toll-free: (888) 242-6292, E-mail: info@maxbenjamin.com, Web: www.maxbenjamin.com.

Ashtray Fit for a Crowd

The Boardroom Grid Ashtray from Firstland International, Inc., features a stainless steel design with cherry wood frame. Ashes collect in a removable steel tray for easy clean-up. The Boardroom Grid is a large, multi-person ashtray measuring 11” x 11” x 2.5” making it a solid choice for parties, meetings, large dinners, watching the game with friends, or cocktail parties. Suggested retail price is $25.

Firstland International, Inc., New York, N.Y., Toll-free: (888) 997-1600, Tel: (212) 736-1760, Web: http://fujipub.com/firstlandintl/">fujipub.com/firstlandintl.

SMOKESHOP - April, 2007