April 1999
Volume 26
Number 2


Davidoff Announces Short <T>

Davidoff of Geneva proudly announced the arrival of a new member to its family of premium cigars. Joining Davidoff's prestigious Special Series is the Short <T>. Like all the cigars for which Davidoff is famous, the consistency in the taste of the Short <T> has been thoroughly tested and firmly established.

Blending four different tobaccos, the Short <T> is a full-bodied cigar in a pyramid shape. Rich and smooth, the cigar might be called an abbreviated version of the Special <T>, though the flavor is even more pronounced. Measuring 5 x 50, it's the perfect little cigar, good for two holes of golf, a short drive, or a cup of espresso. The Short <T> is available in cabinet boxes of 20 or packs of four, with a suggested retail price of $11.25 apiece.

Davidoff, 550 West Avenue, Stamford, CT 06902, Tel: (203) 323-5811, Fax: (203) 975-0090.

American Spirit Adds New Ultra-Lights

Natural American Spirit introduces the first additive-free natural tobacco ultra light cigarette, a highly anticipated addition to the nation's fastest growing cigarette brand. The rich tobacco flavor of Natural American Spirit Ultra Lights is proving to be a huge hit with retailers and consumers alike.

In producing the new Ultra Lights, Natural American Spirit maintains its high quality, whole leaf, natural tobacco taste characteristics by utilizing a highly porous cigarette paper, a ventilated filter wrap, a perforated tipping paper, and a specially designed filter. These components work in combination to create a light tasting, satisfying cigarette with low levels of tar and nicotine.

The Ultra Lights are packaged in a uniquely styled yellow and white soft pack.

Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company, P.O. Box 25140, Santa Fe, NM 87504, Tel: (505) 982-4257, Fax: (505) 982-0156.

A Dominican Rebirth of Famed La Corona Brand

La Corona, one of the classic Cuban cigars with a 100 year history, has been reborn in the Dominican Republic by Florida-based Consolidated Cigar Corp. The strikingly smooth La Corona is hand made from the finest Dominican Republic long filler and binder tobacco leaves, wrapped in premium quality Connecticut shade wrapper.

It is being offered in five sizes: corona, tubulares, robusto, torpedo, and double corona. Each are packed 25 to a box, except the tubulares, which are individually packed in protective aluminum tubes, 10 to a box.

The La Corona combines the better aspects of both Cuba and the Dominican Republic; it's more rounded and satisfying than traditional Dominican brands, yet smoother and less harsh than many of its Cuban ancestors.

In keeping with such a prestigious name, Consolidated's new offering is packaged in eye-catching, high quality natural color boxes; with each cigar wrapped in cellophane.

Consolidated Cigar, 5900 North Andrews Ave, Ste. 700, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309, Tel: (954) 772-9000, Fax: (954) 938-7811.

USTC Positions Skoal for Long Haul

United States Tobacco Company is repositioning smokeless tobacco Skoal, its largest brand, for broader appeal and increased growth potential. USTC, which also produces Copenhagen, unveiled a new image advertising campaign for the brand, employing the tag line "Skoal ... Always There in a Pinch." The ads use humorous real-life situations that are highly relevant to adult smokeless tobacco consumers.

In addition to the ad campaign, the Skoal brand features a new, more contemporary look through its packaging. According to the manufacturer, it conveys a more "progressive leadership identity" and delivers a more powerful visual impact.

"We are taking a very successful and popular brand and updating its look and feel to meet the expectations of today's adult consumers," said USTC president Gary Smith. "This first-ever comprehensive update of the brand's positioning only represents the initial steps in a new, continuous improvement initiative that we have designed to drive interest for Skoal."

U.S. Tobacco Company, 100 West Putnam Avenue, Greenwich, CT 06830, Tel: (203) 661-1100.

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