April 1999
Volume 26
Number 2


New Tins From Stokkebye
Peter Stokkebye International, maker of some of the finest pipe tobaccos in the world, has announced the introduction of new Skandinavik 4 1/2 ounce tins. Available in three different tins, Regular, Full Aroma, and Mildly Aromatic, each blend is also available in a 1 1/2 ounce pouch.

Peter Stokkebye products are available through U.S. distributors Phillips & King at (800) 53-CIGAR.

German Pipe Tobaccos from Dan Tobacco
Dan Tobacco Manufacturing, of Leuenburg, Germany, offers eight pipe tobacco blends through its sole U.S. distributor, C.A.O. International. Each is packed in 50 gm. tins, except London Blend, which is packed in a 100 gm. tin.

Gordon Pym is a blend of golden yellow Virginia, Maryland, and dark-fired Virginia tobaccos softened with oriental and Syrian Latakia leaf. This square cut blend is recommended for fans of aromatic mixtures seeking interest in "real tobacco" blends.

Dansk No. 3 "Red Virginia Superb" blends a smooth Latakia mixture with middle brown Virginia tobaccos fermented under pressure, producing a sweet accent. A slow burning mixture, it is a cool smoke with a medium strength.

Non Plus Ultra harkens back to older times, a blend of ready-rubbed Virginia tobaccos fermented under pressure and matured in its own juices. Mildly sweet with a full Virginia flavor, the tobacco bears a naturally fruity aroma.

Hamborger Veermaster is a genuine, classical English Virginia flake - just like the sailor on old German four-mast (Veermaster) windjammers used to smoke. Sliced and ready to smoke, this sweet and mild classic burns slow and cool.

London Blend No. 1000 is a full-bodied, dark "after dinner" mixture consisting of Latakia, Izmir Oriental, and Zimbabwean Virginia tobaccos. "Extremely smooth with a profound taste," this full-strength blend is designed to appeal to lovers of strong, richly-flavored tobaccos.

The Malthouse "Founders Reserve" blend is a mixture of provincial Virginia tobaccos infused with Scottish single malt whiskey. The tobacco is pressure - fermented for approximately 12 weeks until fully aged, and offers a mild, classically light smoke - a great transition tobacco for aromatic smokers who favor traditional straight blends.

Treasures of Ireland "Limerick" blends Virginia seed tobaccos from a variety of growing areas, including Zimbabwe, with 5 percent Louisiana Perique added, then gently pressed, fermented, and aged for 12 weeks to produce a smooth dark flake. A medium to full smoke with a balanced sweetness.

Tordenskjold Virginia Slices is a fuller bodied, golden-yellow flake from top grade Virginia tobaccos, with a touch of added Perique. Pressed and aged for 12 weeks with gently pressure fermentation, this blend has a naturally smooth and mild flavor, offering a light to medium smoke.

C.A.O. International, Inc., Nashville, Tennessee, Tel: (800) 237-8226, Fax: (615) 353-0610.

Making Books
Two diminutive but no less essential entries are available for the bookshelves of pipe smokers. Penned by Charlestown, South Carolina-based Mark Beale, M.D., Secrets of Enjoyable Pipe Smoking is a handy little paperback that features chapters on selecting, cleaning, and collecting pipes, choosing tobacco, and health tips.

"It seems there were pamphlets about pipes, and then expensive hardcover books," comments the author, a 36-year old psychiatrist and third-generation pipe smoker. "I wanted to create something in between - a concise but detailed book for someone just discovering the pipe pastime."

The self-published book sells for $9.95, plus $3 shipping; call (843) 856-3146 to order.

Also self-published, John C. Loring's The Dunhill Briar Pipe includes everything you'd ever wanted to know about the classic Dunhill pipe, from its inception in 1905 to the present day. What makes Loring's effort unique is its dating guide, which will assist you in figuring out when an undated pipe was constructed.

Registering 88 pages, The Dunhill Briar Pipe is available for $20 from: John Loring, 700 Irving Park, Suite A1, Chicago, IL 60613, Email: levlor@starnetinc.com.

SMOKESHOP - April 99