May 2000


Nick's Releases La Tradición Cabinet Series 1993 Vintage Cigars
Nick's Cigar Company/Tabacalera Perdomo has announced the U.S. release of La Tradición Cabinet Series "Vintage 1993" cigars, which for the last eight months were only available throughout Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. The cigar uses a "secretive blend" of Nicaraguan-grown, Cuban-seed tobacco specially produced in 1993 for the Perdomo family, as well as aged Honduran and Dominican tobaccos, and an Ecuadorian rosado double-fermented wrapper. The cigars are available in robusto and Churchill sizes, and will retail for $6.50 and $6.70 respectively. All cigars in the series come in white tubes to ensure freshness. Both the robusto and Churchill recently received five-star ratings in the European Cigar Cult Journal.

Nick's Cigar Company, 7111 West Flagler St. Miami, FL 33144; Tel.: (305) 266-9907; Fax: (305) 266-2951.

Consolidated Extends Cabañas Line With Cabañas Habana 2000
Dating to 1733, the Cabanas brand first made its mark in Cuba. Now, Consolidated Cigar Co. is producing a Dominican version of the brand featuring a Habana 2000 wrapper. The cigars feature a blend of Dominican filler and Cuban-seed Dominican binder.

Cabañas Habana 2000 are available in 13 different formats. The Premier Habano (8 x 52), #2 Habano (6 x 52), Torbusto (51/2 x 60), and Robusto are offered with either natural wrappers or a blackened Habana 2000 maduro wrappers and packaged in boxes of 25. Five additional natural wrapper shapes are packaged in glass tubes: Coronas Doble (7 x 46), Coronas Larga (65/8 x 42), Coronas Gorda (6 x 50), Coronas (55/8 x 40), and Palmitas (63/4 x 36), packed in boxes of 20. Full color, paper-wrapped packaging for Cabañas Habana 2000, which is described as "rich flavor and full aroma," is reminiscent of old Cuban brands.

Retailers who order a Cabañas chest prepack, containing 200 cigars spread across eight shapes, will receive a gorgeous lacquered Cabañas chest absolutely free, while supplies last.

Consolidated Cigar Co., 5900 North Andrews Ave., Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309-2369; Tel.: (954) 772-9000.

Bahia Vintage 96 from Tony Borhani
Company Debuts Replacement Guarantee

New from Tony Borhani Cigars, manufacturers of Bahia Cigars, is the Bahia Vintage 96, featuring aged Nicaraguan filler and binder tobaccos finished with a Connecticut shade wrapper. It is the first cigar ever offered by the company with a U.S-grown Connecticut shade wrapper, from Windsor, Conn. The line will feature five sizes - Double Corona, Churchill, Robusto, Esplendido, and #3, packed in boxes of 20.

Borhani says that he has large deposits of aged tobacco, and will soon be developing additional cigars with three- and four-year-old filler and two- and three-year-old wrappers and binders.

The company has also introduced the "Bahia Guarantee," which states that if a consumer encounters "any sort of draw problem, or similar complication, with a Bahia product," they can return the unsmoked portion of the cigar to the store where they purchased it, and it will be replaced, free of charge.

Tony Borhani Cigars, Inc., 9191 Towne Centre Drive, Suite 450, San Diego, CA 92122, Tel: (858) 458-0118, Fax: (858) 458-1415.

Natural American Spirit Adds Vignette Fact Cards
The "Century of the Great American Spirit," a limited-edition series of 36 classic photographs from the 20th century, is now appearing on specially marked Natural American Spirit Regular Filter, Light Filter, and Menthol Filter cigarette hard packs. The images commemorate some of the greatest achievements, events, and inventions of the last century. Included on the back of the cards are "Did you know?" facts about the Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company or Natural American Spirit products.

Point-of-sale posters featuring the some of the images are available to retailers to encourage consumers to look for all 36 cards.

Santa Fe Tobacco Company, Inc., P.O. Box 25140, Santa Fe, NM 87504-5140; Tel.: (505) 982-4257; Fax: (505) 982-0156.

Santa Damiana, Henry Clay Offered in New Habana 2000 Versions
Two new line extensions from Consolidated Cigar Co. feature the smooth, reddish-brown Habana 2000 wrapper, created by crossing Connecticut shade with Cuban-seed tobacco.

Santa Damiana is an old Havana brand named for one of Cuba's most famous tobacco leaf plantations in the Vuelta Abajo region. The new Santa Damiana 2000, hand made in the Dominican Republic, features a Cuban seed, Nicaraguan-grown Habana 2000 wrapper, a Nicaraguan binder, and Dominican and Brazilian filler. Four sizes are offered: Belicosos (7 x 52), Director (63/4 x 44), Torbusto (51/2 x 60), and Rothschild (51/4 x 52). The cigar is described as "medium bodied" and "smooth," and is packaged in deep blue boxes, complimenting the traditional Connecticut shade-wrapped Santa Damiana line, which is featured in yellow boxes.

Henry Clay, another historic brand that originated in Cuba, is also being offered with a Habana 2000 wrapper. The cigars still feature a combination of Dominican long fillers and a Dominican binder. The Henry Clay Habana 2000 line features eight sizes: Statesman (7 x 50), Diplomat Tube (61/2 x 48), Senator (6 x 50), and Pyramid (6 x 50), as well as three box-pressed shapes consisting of Souvenir (61/2 x 50), Corona Gorda (55/8 x 47), and Mirabella (5 x 50). The original Henry Clays are available in a Connecticut broadleaf maduro wrapper in five sizes.

Retailers who order a Santa Damiana or Henry Clay chest prepack, containing 180 cigars spread among eight shapes, will receive a corresponding lacquered chest absolutely free, while supplies last.

Consolidated Cigar Co., 5900 North Andrews Ave., Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309-2369; Tel.: (954) 772-9000

New Ben Hur: Shaped, Cameroon Wrapped Cigar from Atlantic Cigar
Atlantic Cigar Co., Miami, Fl., is introducing a new Cameroon line from the Dominican Republic. The Ben Hur line features a Cameroon wrapper and a blend of Brazilian and Dominican long filler tobaccos. The torpedoes measure 4 x 52, 5 x 52, and 6 x 52. Boxes wholesale for $45, $60, and $75, respectively. Atlantic is marketing the cigars as the only moderately priced shaped cigars on the market, in addition to offering a "buy five boxes, get one free" promotion.

Atlantic Cigar Company, 2008 Alton Rd., Miami, FL 33139; Tel.: (305) 534-7077; Fax: (305) 534-6772.

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