July 2000


Classic Boston Cigar Cutter
The Classic Boston Cigar Cutter, a spring-loaded, precision rotary cutter produces a perfectly sheared "cat's eye" cut that provides a natural draw with virtually no damage to the head of cigars. Rugged hardwood construction makes for a handsome and decorative piece and assures a long and useful life. Available in Black Walnut, Mahogany, Bubinga, or Wenge. An optional metal monogram disc, which can be engraved with a name, initials, or a logo, can be inlaid into the removable cover. Comes with a lifetime guarantee.

The Boston Cigar Cutter Co., West Newbury, Mass., Tel.: (978) 363-5125; Fax: (978) 363-1179.

Leather-Bound Humidors
Budd Leather Company, maker of fine cigar accessories and humidors, is offering cigar enthusiasts new, stylish leather bound round humidors and travel humidors. There are two versions of the travel humidor, one 91/2" x 8" x 11/2", the other 91/2" x 8" x 21/2". The round humidor is 8" high and 41/2" in diameter. All come covered with Spanish Croco calf leather, cedar lining, and a cigar-style humistat. The travel humidors also have a front snap closure. Budd Leather Company offers many other cigar related items including lighters, cutters, and traditional wood humidors.

Budd Leather Co., Inwood, N.Y., Tel.: (516) 239-5119; Fax: (516) 239-5148.

A Humi-Pouch for Boxes
Altura, the makers of the Humi-Pouch "go anywhere, disposable humidor," have redesigned the "Vintage" size bag to store a whole box of cigars, after receiving numerous requests for box-sized bag. The company was able to keep the pricing the same while adding a new feature to the Vintage bag. Other sizes include the Elite (2-3 cigars), the Connoisseur (5-6 cigars), and the Golfer (2-3 cigars).

F.G.T. Enterprises, Tampa, Fla., Tel.: (800) 783-3481; Fax: (813) 935-5804.

Book Portrays Cigar Family History
A century of cigar history comes to life in Cigar Family: A 100 Year Journey in the Cigar Industry, a new book from Forbes Custom Publishing. The book is the autobiography of Stanford J. Newman, chairman of J.C. Newman Cigar Co. and a true cigar industry pioneer. It traces the history of Newman, the son of a Hungarian immigrant, and his company from humble beginnings at the turn of the century through the roaring twenties, the Great Depression, two world wars, the Cuban Embargo, and more. Filled with savvy business tips and amusing anecdotes, Cigar Family is a must-read for cigar smokers and history buffs alike.

Forbes Custom Publishing, New York, N.Y., Tel.: (800) 242-8786; Email: fcpinfo@forbes.com.

Durable Pocket Cigar Case
The newest addition to Csonka's line of luxury, travel humidors is the Csonka Pocket Humidor. Made from durable 100% steel case construction with a soft, well-padded Napa exterior, the most compact model in the line will keep 2-3 cigars in perfect condition. Measuring a mere 1.6 x 2 x 8 inches, the Pocket Humidor goes anywhere -day or night. Available in classic black, saddle tan, or burgundy. For a perfect travel system, add the Csonka Modular Humidor accessory kit: a radial humidor gauge, premium twin-blade stainless steel cigar cutter, and two reservoir transfer pipettes to re-humidify on the go. All items snap easily into the Pocket Humidor.

Csonka Cigar Requisites, Inc., Plainsboro, N.J., Tel: (609) 514-2766, www.csonka.com

Slimline Swiss Army Knife Cigar Cutter
Alliance Cigar and Wenger, maker of the Genuine Swiss Army Knife, have introduced a new model to the 107-year-old line of knives. The new "Slimline" Swiss Army Knife Cigar Cutter has been designed and crafted for cigar enthusiasts with a patented cupped, double-honed surgical steel cigar scissors, a large blade knife, and a nail file. The knife is warranted for life. The Slimline complements a wide range of seven different styles of Wenger Swiss Army Knives that all include the patented cupped cigar scissors. Alliance also has a wide range of free merchandising systems that are designed for the tobacconist's use in displaying and promoting Swiss Army products.

Alliance Cigar, Inc., Bethel, Conn, Tel.: (800) 328-1001; Fax: (203) 748-8264.

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