Manufacturer Profile:
General Cigar: Tobacco and Beyond
By Richard Carleton Hacker
The maker of Macanudo is pushing the quality of its tobacco in the Dominican Republic, but it's also investing in its communities and its workers.
Cigar Making:
Leaf Evaluation...
By Dale Scott
What makes a cigar memorable? Fine tobaccos from superior seeds. But how do makers ensure that a desirable seed's pedigree remains pure?
Smokeless Update:
Moist Snuff:
Prices Keep Dropping...

By Chris Bickers
The era of dollar-a-can moist snuff pricing has definitely begun.

Gifts and Accessories for Cigar, Pipe, and Cigarette Smokers

The Changing Role of Tobacco Trade Asociations
- by E. Edward Hoyt III

What's Happening and Where in the Tobacco Industry

Trends and Trendsetters in Specialty Tobacco Retailing

Nato: Fighting the Good Fight
Legislation vs. Reality

Tobacco Products and Industry Promotions

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