Savinelli Design Series

The skilled artisans of Savinelli have been producing high-end pipes since 1876. Their latest, the Savinelli Design Series pipes, are sold in a set of six, and will eventually be available individually.

The set of six pipes is packaged in an attractive blue presentation tray, which includes individual boxes for each pipe. Savinelli design pipes are offered in five colors, and are fitted with one of five different mouthpieces. All the mouthpieces are made from non-oxidizing acrylic, and are Balsa convertible. The collection marks the first time that Savinelli has used “art deco” style mouthpieces on its pipes. Savinelli Design Series pipes have a suggested retail of $88 per pipe.

Savinelli, U.S.A., Morrisville, N.C., Tel: (919) 481-0511, Web: www.savinelliusa.com.

New McClelland Blends use Cajun Black Leaf

McClelland Tobacco Company has released three new pipe tobaccos using a new blending component: Cajun Black, a cool-smoking, full-bodied, good-burning, Kentucky dark fire-cured leaf subjected to months of Perique-style processing. The new blends that incorporate Cajun Black - the first new blending component developed in 40 years - include the following: Royal Cajun Dark, a blend of five red and stoved Virginias seasoned liberally with Cajun Black, making for a deeply rich flavor, exquisitely mild on the palate; Royal Cajun Ebony, a black, sweet, smooth, rich blend of Virginias and Kentucky leaf demonstrating the results of flue-curing, stoving, fire-curing, and Perique-style processing mixed together; and Royal Cajun Special, featuring two dark stoved Virginias and one wide-cut lemon Virginia blended with Cajun Black, resulting in a smoky, rich and complex blend that cools Virginia’s natural sweetness with Cajun Black’s fire-curing and Perique-style fermentation.

McClelland Tobacco Co., Kansas City, Mo., Tel: (816) 474-6994, Fax: (816) 474-1666.

James Norman Introduces Modern Caminetto Pipe

Distributed by James Norman LTD, The James Norman Caminetto J.N.C.C. Special Model Collection pipe traces its origins to the 1960s and a collaboration between two renowned Italian pipe carvers, Peppino Ascorti and Luigi Radice, who used a unique finishing and curing process on the briar that produced a deliciously dry, smooth smoke. Peppino’s son Roberto revived “El Pipa del Baffo” (“the pipe of the mustache,” named for Peppino’s and Luigi’s famous facial hair) in his own inimitable design style. Still handmade, the modern version of the Caminetto features a fitted metacrillato stem that never tarnishes, and still promises the ultra-smooth smoke of its ancestor. Suggested retail on the J.N.C.C. Caminetto is $295.

James Norman, Ltd., Englewood, N.J., Toll-free: (800) 525-5629, Tel: (201) 227-9822, Fax: (201) 227-1642, Email: jamesnormanltd@aol.com.

G.L. Pease’s Laurel Heights Now Shipping

The latest addition to G.L. Pease International’s Fog City Selection, Laurel Heights, is currently shipping. It is a red Virginia blend containing a large percentage of “some fabulous leaf from a 1998 crop that is extraordinary,” says blender George Pease. “This is a real red Virginia for red Virginia lovers. Stylistically, it has reminded some of the way the traditional English ribbons used to be, before their production was either halted completely, or moved elsewhere.”

Rich, ripe, red leaf forms the base of the blend. The flavors are described as deep and round, with a smooth, natural sweetness, and subtle notes of orange peel, roasted oats, leather, and peat - for lovers of darker, natural, unstoved Virginias. The smoke develops richness as it progresses, delivering a long, clean finish that is “never cloying or syrupy, with hints of malt and grapefruit.”

All G.L. Pease blends are manufactured by Cornell & Diehl and packaged in 2 oz. ($11.25 each) or 8 oz. tins ($36.75). Cornell & Diehl, Inc., Morganton, N.C. 28680, Toll-free: (800) 433-0080, Fax: (828) 433-1083, Email: craig@cornellanddiehl.com, Web: www.cornellanddiehl.com.

SMOKESHOP - June, 2006