You’ve Got to Fight...For Your Right...to Survive!

Like the old shampoo commercial on TV, where a satisfied customer tells two friends, and she tells two friends, and so on, and so on… The prospect of enlisting the voice of America’s millions of smokers to weigh in against crushing tax proposals and other hideous assaults on basic freedoms has always been very enticing.

And yet, over the years, more often than not, there’s no viable organization to serve such a role.

Trade associations like IPCPR and NATO have enlisted their members to in turn enlist their customers to take action - precisely the type of exponential response that can turn a dozen concerned stores in Sleepyville U.S.A. into thousands of angry constituents all registering their displeasure.

But the average grumbling cigar smoker who’s feeling his rights being trampled upon seems to have a hard time getting fired up about trade associations, which aren’t terribly personal. The average cigar smoker wants to feel at home among his peers… other cigar smokers.

Perhaps Cigar Rights of America (CRA), which debuted in early June, is just the ticket to inspire the single largest group of stakeholders in the anti-taxation, anti-FDA regulation effort, to pony up to the bar, drop a (reasonable) amount of cash, but more importantly let their voice be heard and, of course, to tell two friends, who will tell two friends...

All you have to do is Google “Cigar Rights of America” to see how quickly word of this organization has spread through the million-some-odd amateur cigar blogs that are out there.

We finally have an organization put together to protect the rights of cigar smokers in America…I suggest you visit their site and learn about everything they do and see how you can help. Apathy and thinking that we can’t make a difference will only mean it’s our own fault when we’re not able to smoke cigars any more, or can’t afford to smoke cigars because of outrageous taxes… - Cigarcommand.com

To help sell the concept, Cigar Rights of America launched a must-have website at cigarrights.org, and is putting a face to the effort by enlisting its founding members - a who’s who list of prominent cigarmakers - to visit various cities across the country on the “CRA Freedom Tour.” We wish CRA lots of success.

E. Edward Hoyt III