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32 Boutique Cigars
The Rebirth of Jamaican Cigars
Barrington House Premium Cigars Ltd. is working diligently to revitalize Jamaica’s once-mighty cigar tradition.
By Evan Dashevsky

36 Retail Profile
A Self-Made Tobacco Retail
Capital District’s Habana Premium Cigar Shoppe leverages technology and creativity to expand its business.
By Joe Finora

40 Tradeshow Focus
Tobacco Plus Expo 2009: Merchandise Roundup
It was a year of firsts for the Tobacco Plus Expo: Held for the first time ever in New Orleans, and the first show under the new ownership of Kretek International’s TMG International.
By E. Edward Hoyt III

48 Regulation Update
A New Era for Tobacco: FDA Oversight is Here
Following years of false starts, the FDA now has authority to regulate the production, sale, and marketing of tobacco products. A new wave of regulations - and fees - face the industry.
By E. Edward Hoyt III

50 Investment Focus
Leveraging Your Tobacco Knowledge
Vice Fund offers the tobacco crowd an opportunity to “invest in what you know” and learn more along the way.
By E. Edward Hoyt III

52 NATO News
NATO Celebrates 8th Anniversary By Thomas Briant

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