Why Non-Smokers in Particular Should Fear
the Brazen Tactics of Anti-Tobacco Fanatics

In New York City, photos of grisly, diseased organs prominently greet shoppers in all 11,500 retail outlets that sell cigarettes, and like many cities throughout the nation, that means the local corner deli. In its zealous effort to drive home its anti-smoking message, the city subjects non-smokers, tourists, children (specifically children) waiting to purchase a tomato, a bottle of water, or the daily newspaper to disgusting, appetite-withering images.

New York City and New York State, meanwhile, canít imagine life without its MSA payments and tobacco tax revenues. At press time, New York Governor David Paterson was ready to effectively destroy the entire stateís tobacconist industry with a proposal to help fix the stateís budget gap by raising the OTP tax rate from 46 percent to 90 percent. Government wants it both ways, but in the meantime the rest of the population sees the success of anti-tobacco efforts and dreams up the next round of government social programming, such as the following citizen who recently shared his vision of the future in a Canadian newspaper:

    Treat Alcohol Like Tobacco

    Perhaps one solution for the drunk-driving problem is for us to understand alcohol use for what it truly is. We need to see the recreational use of alcohol as uncivilized, unhealthy, unacceptable, and barbaric. Even the secular culture should get this.

    Steps to counterattack it might include legislation to start selling all alcoholic beverages like tobacco. There should be sobering warning labels and photos (perhaps of livers or deadly drunk driving accident scenes) on every bottle. We have the technology to implement this. Liquor store windows vending the drug should be covered up and blacked out. In addition, all media promotion and marketing of liquor should be halted.

    This could save lives and send a clear message to our young people.

    - David Carlos, Times Colonist, May 23, 2010

Itís beyond ironic that the vast majority of the population has no interest in smoking and yet is increasingly assaulted - and now even offended - by anti-smoking efforts. The tactics are frighteningly reminiscent of those in programmed societies where freedoms of all type are severely curtailed, and embolden those seeking to shut down every other ďvice.Ē Suddenly, successive new rounds of government intrusion in ways we never imagined donít seem all that impossible.

- E. Edward Hoyt III