June 1998
Volume 25
Number 3


10 Years Ago
Briefly Speaking
ABC Television correspondent Pierre Salinger has returned to the United States after working in the network's Paris bureau. Salinger, who smokes seven cigars a day, was shocked by the intolerance of U.S. non-smokers. "The worst thing about being back in America is everybody's objection to my smoke!" Salinger told columnist Liz Smith.
Smokeshop, June/July, 1988

30 Years Ago
Hot Volcano Rocks Used as Cigarette Lighters
QUEZON CITY, P.I. - The Philippines has a new kind of cigarette lighter, but cannot export it - the molten rocks spewed out by the erupting Mayon, the country's most beautiful volcano. Smokers thereabouts use the red-hot stones to light their cigarettes, and they say that they are enjoying the cigarettes more.
Tobacco, June 28, 1968

50 Years Ago
Father's Day Cigar Poster on the Way
Advance sample copies of the eight-color Father's Day poster, prepared for the trade by Cigar Institute of America, will be sent to distributors this week for orders.
Tobacco, May 27, 1948

75 Years Ago
The Tobacco Crop
Recently the Tobacco Merchants' Association held a convention at Washington, before which Secretary Hoover made an address on the importance of the crop. It is true that this crop does not receive the attention given wheat and cotton in the market reports, yet it is a crop of national and international interest.

It is of international importance because the smokers of the world look to the United States for no small part of their supply. There is no other country in the world that produces as much tobacco as the United States and its exports now amount to about $225,000,000 a year.
Tobacco, June 7, 1923

75 Years Ago
Show Large Line
CHICAGO - Iwan Ries & Co. (Smokeshop, April 1998) feature in both their retail store and jobbing department a large line of pipes. Their leaders are Milano, from Wm. Demuth & Co.; Kaywoodie, from Kaufman Bros. & Bondy; Gold Dot, from Sam Frank; Sterus line, and the imported Comoy, Peterson, and Dunhill. Iwan Ries & Co. carry the largest pipe stock of any jobber here and a large sales force covers the city. William Tobias is manager of the pipe department.
Tobacco, June 21, 1923

100 Years Ago
Light Colored Cigars
The demand for a light color has been increasing from year to year until it threatens the whole industry of the manufacture and sale of cigars. It originates in the desire to obtain a mild flavored grade of goods, a grade which the consumer fancies suits him best, and of which he will be able to smoke a greater quantity than he can of darker or stronger goods. The dealer knows, or should know, that this is an erroneous idea, and one capable of working untold injury to the cigar trade, and in simple self-defense he should make it his business to enlighten his customers as to the true facts of the case.
Tobacco, June 8, 1888