Cover Story:
From Seed to Store,
Davidoff Gets Vertical

Staff Report
Very little about Davidoff of Genevaís philosophy has changed in the past 31 years, a legacy of service and quality established by Zino, the foremost cigar retailer of his time.
Legislative Issues:
Taxing Times
by Dale Scott
Unraveling just how Prop 10 came to pass remains fodder for speculation, even as the industry gears up to battle Prop 10 in the California courts.
Merchandising Promotions:
In-Store is In Vogue
by Bob Ashley
Manufacturers are courting customer loyalty with in-store promotional events at tobacco shops, not local restaurants, and reaping the long-term benefits as dinners loose favor.

Gifts and Accessories for Cigar, Pipe, and Cigarette Smokers

You Call This a Slump?
by E. Edward Hoyt III

What's Happening and Where in the Tobacco Industry

Equipment and Services for Effective Retailing

Products and News from the Pipe World

Tobacco Products and Industry Promotions

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