Savinelli Armonia, New Tobacco from Savinelli
Milan-based pipe and accessory company Achille Savinelli SpA has introduced its own line of pipe tobaccos, Savinelli Armonia. Translated as "harmony" in Italian, Savinelli Armonia is a completely natural pipe tobacco with a soft, delicate taste according to the manufacturer. "Prized Virginia tobacco, enriched by golden oriental leaves and a hint of select Burley and Kentucky tobaccos, are carefully blended to achieve a perfectly balanced composition," says Savinelli. The "rounded, soft taste" is also the result of natural fruit flavorings that impart a wonderful aroma during the select aging process.

The tobacco is sold in 50 gm. re-sealable pouches, and shipped to retailers in a convenient countertop display.

Savinelli Pipes, Inc., Morrisville, N.C., Tel: (919) 481-0511, Fax: (919) 481-1948, Web: www.savinelli.it.

Bentley, Imco Pipe Lighters from Arango
Arango Cigar Co. is the new importer and distributor for two Austrian-made pipe lighters. The lighters, Bentley and Imco, are long recognized by the industry for their quality and reliability.

The Bentley lighter, available in two versions, was formerly imported by Hollco-Rohr. One version integrates a handy tamper; the other is available without the tamper. Arango is now the exclusive distributor for the Imco brand, previously imported by Lane Limited. There are two Imco styles, the G55 and G77, differing slightly in size. All lighters in both brands are refillable with tasteless, odorless butane and have angled flames to facilitate lighting of pipes. Their compact size makes for comfortable carrying.

The Bentley with tamper retails for $6.50; the lighter without tamper for $4.95. Suggested retail for the Imco is $9.95. All lighters are currently available from Arango Cigar Co., at keystone prices.

Arango Cigar Company, Northbrook, IL, Tel: (800) 222-4427, Fax: (847) 480-1221.

Pipe "Legends" to Collaborate on Pipe
Erik Nording of Nording Pipes, Michael Adler of Cadogan, makers of both GBD and Comoy, and Richard Hacker, author of Rare Smoke and Pipe Smoking a 21st Century Guide will collaborate on a collectable pipe that will debut at next year's J.B. Russell Pipe Show.

The briar shape will be designed by Richard Hacker and turned by Michael Adler and his craftsmen in London. Erik Nording will finish the virgin briar in Denmark and ship the bowls to Bruto Sordini (of Don Carlos fame) to Italy for the bit and sterling silver bands.

"It's an unprecedented, cooperative effort on behalf of each of these masters that has never been seen in the pipe world" said John Link, president of James B. Russell. Link says the final design is still a mystery; his marching orders to the team were merely to "allow your creative energies to flow."

Each pipe will come in a collector series box along with a Certificate autographed by each of the "Legends." For updates, visit www.jamesbrussell.com

Book Details History of Custom-Bilt Pipes
After four years of research, William E. Unger, Jr., Ph.D. is offering his new book - As Individual as a Thumbprint: The Custom-Bilt Pipe Story. The book is ideal for pipe smokers and collectors interested in this increasingly collectable pipe. It also provides an interesting history of American pipemaking as shown by the successes and tribulations of one of its one-time major players.

The spiral-bound book is comprised of three chapters. The first tells the story of Custom-Bilt pipes from their beginning with Tracey Mincer in 1929, through their name change to Custombilt in 1946, and finally to their ending in 1998 under the ownership of Wally Frank. Also discussed is the Tracy Mincer Pipe Co. from its founding in 1952 and its years under Claude Stuart until its closing in 1990.

Chapter Two tells what is known of the major people involved, including the Mincer and Stuart families.

The third and largest chapter provides a comprehensive account, with numerous illustrations, of the major and offshoot pipe lines associated with the Custom-Bilt, Custombilt, and Tracy Mincer names.

The book is 263 pages, printed on 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper, plastic spiral bound.

Copies are $25, plus $3 shipping, payable by check or money order. Ohio residents please add $1.44 sales tax. Bill Unger, 800 Franklin Avenue, Columbus, OH 43205, e-mail: bunger@jadeinc.com

SMOKESHOP - August/September, 2001