Davidoff introduces the Crown Larsen Freehand Pipe Series

Davidoff of Geneva (800-232-8436) introduced the Crown Larsen Freehand Pipe Series. Each of these hand-turned pipes is unique in design. They are made from the finest Corsican briar, known for its tightness in grain - essential to ensuring an extraordinary smoking pipe. The freehand pipes come in three bowl options: X4, which is the largest bowl; X3, medium in size; and X8, which is the smallest of the three. Each is available in a choice of three finishes: Double Black Sandblast ($80 suggested retail), Port ($125 retail), or Cognac ($150 retail).

F.G.T. Enterprises expands its Buccaneer Blends
F.G.T. Enterprises, (800-783-3481) has expanded its Buccaneer Blends line of pipe tobaccos with the addition of six new base and blending tobaccos. Available are: Black Cavendish, fire-cured, all-Black Cavendish, steamed and baked; Burley 51, a blended Burley tobacco with a mixed cut; Burley Cube Cut, American burley cut in perfect cubes; Virginia Cube Cut, a mild, natural Virginia tobacco cross cut in cubes; Latakia, a luxury Syrian latakia; and Perique, an authentic St. James Perique produced in the St. James parish in Louisiana.

Mac Baren Tobacco Co. introduces its new Virginia Flake

Mac Baren Tobacco Co. has introduced its new Virginia Flake pipe tobacco, packed in 50g tins (Swisher International, 800-874-9720). This flake-cut tobacco is made from choice, matured, and well-mellowed Virginia tobaccos - primarily U.S.-grown Virginia leaf. It is "elegantly flavored," says the Danish manufacturer, creating a rich but mild tobacco, rated a 3 out of 5 on the Mac Barren strength scale. To create this flake cut, Mac Baren presses its flavored tobacco into sheets. Six small batches of tobacco are filled into a chamber and compressed until it is nearly one-tenth of its original height, then laid in a large press, further compressed, and left to remain under pressure at least three hours. The sheets are then moved to warehouse presses, where they lie under pressure for an additional three days. The tobacco - which is hard as a table top - is then cut into slices, or flakes, that are packed into tins by hand.

James B. Russell introduces its London-made Comoy's Oxford line.
James B. Russell (800-221-7738) introduced its reasonably-priced, London-made Comoy's Oxford line, bearing a deep black sandblast design and silver band, available in six traditional shapes: Cherry Wood, Billiard, Rhodesian, Panel, Bent, Poker. Suggested retail, $85.00. JBR also announced that it will be introducing Richard Carleton Hacker Tobacco Blends for the holiday season.

Brigham Pipes introduces the Lorenzetti Handmade Series pipes.
Brigham Pipes (416-762-7278) introduced the Lorenzetti Handmade Series pipes. This is the company's premium line, individually crafted pipes created by Alsesandro and Luciano Lorenzetti and representing the pinnacle of their briar selection, design, and craftsmanship. The handmade join Lorenzetti's other two lines, the entry level Emperor series of 9mm, unfiltered pipes available in four shapes and finishes, and the intermediate Leopadi series, offered in a wide range of shapes. The Lorenzetti family has been making fine briars pipes from its home town of Giacomo Leopadi-Recanati, Italy since 1932. Brigham also debuted its newly revamped Brigham 500, 600, and 700 series, featuring nickel cuffs and a higher grade plateau briar never before used in Brigham pipes.

F&K Cigar Co. introduces the Brebbia line of pipe accessories.

F&K Cigar Co. (800-848-1480) introduced the Brebbia line of pipe accessories, which offers pipe smokers several options for pipe and tobacco storage. The entry-level wood rack accommodates two pipes and features a ceramic pipe tobacco jar, $120 retail, while a three-pipe rack with a briar wood tobacco jar retails for $195. A pipe cabinet for two pipes ($195 retail) or glass-enclosed two-pipe cabinet ($225 retail) both feature ceramic jars and an accessory drawer for storing tools, pipe cleaners, etc. Finally, there is a seven-pipe rack with glass door and storage drawer that retails for $250. The company also introduced Scotch Plaid pipe tobacco pouches, available in red, green, or blue, suggested retail $2.95 each.

McClelland Tobacco Company has released Christmas Cheer 2002.

McClelland Tobacco Company (888-213-8207) has released Christmas Cheer 2002, a vintage, hand blended pipe tobacco aged and pressed in cakes to develop its natural mellowness. The blend is made with a selection of ripe, orange leaf from the 1996 South Carolina Border Belt crop, and presented in partially broken flakes. The company's Christmas Cheer series presents fine tobaccos of a particular vintage, capturing the unique character of a single crop and area.

McClelland's Organically-Grown Virginia Flake (O.G.F.) is a clean-tasting, smooth Virginia with complex aromas and subtle flavors. The tobaccos required four years of soil preparation and two years of post-harvest aging to produce this naturally rich tobacco.

SMOKESHOP - Aug/Sept 2002