Value Priced Royal Guard Tobaccos from Peter Stokkebye

Danish tobacco manufacturer Peter Stokkebye International has introduced the new Royal Guard line of pipe tobaccos, "achieving a level of quality not previously available in the value brand category." Available in a well-rounded offering of six blends to satisfy a variety of pipe smokers, Royal Guard consists of:
  • Cherry, a very mild blend with a sweet aftertaste featuring the superb flavor and aroma of European cherry;
  • Natural, a blend of natural tobaccos with a light, sweet aroma that is mild to the taste;
  • Rum, which uses real Jamaican Rum to enhance the fine tobaccos of this blend for a smooth, mild flavor and aroma;
  • Black cavendish, which delivers a "deliciously mild" taste and aroma in classic black cavendish style;
  • Whiskey, an exceptionally mild blend of fine tobaccos enhanced by aged American whiskey; and
  • Vanilla, a blend whose mild vanilla flavor and aroma reflects its aging in the "essence of sweet vanilla."

    Royal Guard is packaged in economic 12-ounce, resealable polybags.

    Peter Stokkebye International Ltd., Charlotte, N.C., Tel: (704) 597-0416, Fax: (704) 597-9568, Email: info@pstokkebye.com, Web: www.pstokkebye.com.

  • Tobacco and Life Stories in Bio from Peter Stokkebye

    Peter Stokkebye was born into the tobacco business, as was his father before him. His family's history was shaped by the passion of the Danish people for tobacco, and he, in turn, brought that passion with him to America. Known to pipe aficionados and tobacconists around the world, Peter has - as they say - forgotten more about pipes and tobacco than most people will ever know, having amassed more than fifty years experience in his storied career.

    His autobiography, Stokkebye: The Life & Good Times of a Tobacco Man, is a collection of heartfelt memories and down-to-earth advice that will delight readers just as Peter has delighted so many friends and business associates throughout the years. Learn more about the fascinating life and tobacco career of one of the industry's most respected names.

    Peter Stokkebye International Ltd., Charlotte, NC, Tel: (704) 597-0416, Fax: (704) 597-9568, Email: info@pstokkebye.com, www.pstokkebye.com.

    Indianhead Enters Pipe Market with New Value-Priced Lines

    Following a successful test marketing campaign, Indianhead has introduced two new lines of value-priced pipes.

    The European-made pipes include classic straight, bent, and half-bent shapes that are popular with all smokers. They are all made from aged briar, and have vulcanite stems. The board pipes come 12 to a carton, in 7 shapes. Indianhead is also offering their "basket promotional pipes" in 12 different shapes, shipped in baskets of 36. The bent styles comprise 60 percent of the shapes; the other 40 percent are straights. The finish is split between 70 percent smooth and 30 percent rustic.

    "These pipes wholesale from $14.50 down to $5," says Bill Bock, Indianhead's president. "The market has demonstrated they are saleable items, confirming our belief they offer great value for the money."

    Indianhead, Miami, Fla., Toll-free: (800) 292-4858, Fax: (305) 623-5494, Web: www.indianhead.cc.

    Felipe Gregorio Tobacco World Named Exclusive Tsuge Pipe Distributor

    Felipe Gregorio Tobacco World, Inc., has been appointed the exclusive U.S. distributor for Japan's Tsuge Briar Pipe Company.

    "Not many pipe crafters can trace their family's roots to the famed Japanese Samurai warrior class," says company president Philip Wynne.

    The Tsuge business is owned by a family whose craftsmen tradition stretches back to Japan's warring period, which ended in the 19th Century. During that time, they were sword makers; it was only in the 1930s that the family began hand carving pipes.

    "Tsuge Briar Pipe Company is the best known Japanese pipe maker in the world and are highly regarded across the globe for their superior workmanship and creative styles," says Wynne. Tsuge pipes are distinctively Asian in style, with heavy Danish influence, balanced by Japanese aesthetics.

    They make traditional English style straight pipes, but their fanciful and delicate bents and half-bents are especially eye-catching. Some combine smooth, flame-grain bowls with startling lengths of honey-colored bamboo shanks, and flowing, almost wispy vulcanite or Lucite stems. Their Corsican briar is exceptionally light in the hand and mouth, as well as dry-smoking.

    Felipe Gregorio Tobacco World will be distributing the medium-grade Tokyo pipe series for discriminating smokers in the general pipe sector, as well as the more elegant, high-grade Ikebana Series.

    Felipe Gregorio Tobacco World, Alexandria, Va., Tel: (800) 336-1181, Fax: (703) 519-7323.

    Smokers Can Explore Mac Baren on CD-ROM

    Danish pipe tobacco maker Mac Baren Tobacco Co. is including a credit-card sized CD-ROM in each of its tinned tobacco products. This "smart card" provides information on pipe smoking in general as well as details on Mac Baren tobaccos and a brief introduction on how to keep your pipe smoking well. Danish film maker Christoffer Boe has made a short film about the Mac Baren Tobacco Company and the unique atmosphere and pleasure connected with pipe smoking. The film, "The History of Mac Baren," is included on the disk, as is information on Mac Baren's free membership Explore Club.

    Kretek International, Moorpark, Calif., Tel: (805) 531-8888, Toll-free: (800) 358-8100, Fax: (805) 531-8899, Web: www.kretek.com.

    Quality, Flair in New Popular-Priced Italian Pipes

    Arango Cigar Company is now the exclusive U.S. importer for two Italian pipe makers. "The cigar boom also stirred a renewed interest in pipes," states Michael Gold, Arango's president, "and many new smokers want value in their first pipes. Likewise, veteran smokers are looking for pipes for everyday smoking."

    The first line, Torino pipes, brings Italian craftsmanship to value-priced pipes. "Their touch of Italian flair makes these classic English styles even more distinctive," says Gold.

    Torino pipes are made by a third-generation family of artisans in the northern region of Italy known for its fine briar pipes, and offer several qualities seldom seen at this price point. Their briar is aged at least a year, for cooler smoking and longer life. A choice of easy-on-the-teeth genuine vulcanite or popular Lucite stems are offered, available in dark colors. Pipe finishes include high gloss wax, matte, or sandblast."

    Arango is also offering a new basket pipe assortment, made by another northern Italian family-owned factory with 30 years experience at crafting pipes. The Italian briar comes from a nearby briar mill, and the high-quality push-in stems are all hand made in Italy. The pipes are shipped in a bamboo basket of 18 pipes; nine are in vulcanite and nine in colored Lucite. The traditional styles include both smooth and rusticated finishes, with a generous amount of bents and semi-bents.

    Arango Cigar Company, Northbrook, Ill, Toll-free: (800) 222-4427, Fax: (847) 480-1221.

    SMOKESHOP - August, 2003