Don Salvatore Makes A Case For Cases
Don Salvatore large ring cigar cases are hand crafted from the finest leathers. Each case is carefully lined to prevent cigars from cracking or unraveling. Cases are now available in a new color, mahogany, in addition to the classic black. Each case offers a unique fit and texture ranging from the One-finger model with smooth finish to the Five-finger fitted case. The Two-finger smooth finish Churchill cigar case offers a unique belt clip, so now you can easily carry your case with you anywhere you go. Don Salvatore also offers a Single cigar case with flask, which can hold one Churchill cigar and 2 1/2 ounces of your favorite beverage.

Don Salvatore, Chicago, Ill., Toll-free: (800) 886-8688, Fax: (312) 733.8356, Web: www.buddyproducts.com/prodcig.

Evermoist Humidification System
Cigars need to be stored in the same humid atmosphere (70-75%) in which they were originally rolled, so every humidor needs a humidification system. But not all systems are created equally. Evermoist elements use all-natural, FDA-grade pure gum sponge that regulate humidity naturally without the need for special care solutions. The Evermoist sponge, unlike common Oasis foam, will not flake over time and can be removed and cleaned. Humidity is released through small, slotted vents that prevent over-humidification. Three differently-sized models are available to match any humidor size, humidifying from 35 cigars up to 250 with a single element.

Cusano Cigars, Sarasota, Fla., Tel: (941) 360-8200, Fax: (941) 360-8300.

Artist Pieces, Limited Edition Knives from Xikar
Xikar, Inc. has added two collector-quality models to its Xi-118 Élan line of gentlemen's pocket knives, made in Maniago, Italy.

Élan is offered with a choice of three grips: glacier pearl with a delicate blue cast; hammered sterling silver; and gemstone with precious gems inserted "pavé" style, flush with the surface of its gold scale. Suggested retail prices start at $99.

One-of-a-kind artist knives are the creations of scrimshaw artisan Rick "Hutch" Hutchinson, who etches nature designs with a steel needle on legal ivory, and finishes with ink to emphasize the grooves. A dragonfly, hummingbird, and jumping rainbow trout are currently offered. Engraving of initials, corporate logos, or custom artwork can be requested. Suggested retail price is $299.

Both knife series are presented in leatherette jewelry boxes with satin lining, accompanied by a signed and serialized certificate of authenticity. The certificate number is also etched into each knife blade. All Xikar Élans have stainless-steel frame-lock bodies and Z60 stainless blades, measure 2 1/2 inches (closed), and weigh only one ounce.

Xikar, Inc., Kansas City, Mo., Tel: (816) 474-7555, Fax: (917) 464-6398, Web: www.xikar.com.

Churchill Series II Lighters
Prometheus has created platinum-plated, flint lighters which are equipped with dual flames. Two flames will come up and merge together to generate one broad flame. The Churchill Series II lighter is ideal for consumers who do not like jet turbo lighters, but still want a lot of flame power in a traditional flint lighter. In contrast to high-priced, very heavy competitors, the Prometheus Churchill Series II lighters are "slim and light," and won't weigh down your pocket. Suggested retail, $89.

Prometheus International, Inc., Bell, Calif., Tel: (323) 261-7200, Fax: (323) 261-0801.

SMOKESHOP - August, 2003