New Blends from Cornell & Diehl

Craft pipe tobacco maker Cornell & Diehl, Inc. has introduced several new blends of pipe tobaccos.

Bridge Mixture is described as a "sophisticated" blend of bright & red Virginias, unsweetened red Virginia cavendish, Turkish, Cyprian Latakia, and Perique with a touch of 20-year-old dark-fired Kentucky burley that gives the blend an extra kick.

Now that the company has the capability to make flake cuts, it has introduced Bayou Morning Flake, a strictly Virginia and Perique blend with stoved red Virginia, presented in a flake.

Both blends are offered in 4-ounce vacuum packed bags ($14.50 suggested retail), and 8- and 16-once tins ($26 and $45 retail, respectively).

Cornell & Diehl, Inc., Morgantown, N.C., Tel: (800) 433-0080, Web: www.cornellanddiehl.com.

Richard Carleton Hacker Celebrates 20 Years of Pipe Writing

Richard Carleton Hacker, one of the industry's most prolific pipe authors, is marking 20 years of pipewriting. Since the introduction of his trendsetting The Ultimate Pipe Book in 1984, the internationally acclaimed author has written numerous pipe books that have been published in various editions in the United States, Great Britain, and Germany.

"Everyone told me not to write a book about pipe smoking because pipesmoking was thought to be outdated," the author recalls. "But as a lifelong pipesmoker and collector, I believed in the hobby, and the fact that tobacconists would support a book that enabled their customers to appreciate the pipes they were selling. In addition, I saw a lot of new pipesmokers looking for information where there was none."

The Ultimate Pipe Book was the first hardcover to encompass every aspect of pipesmoking, including the history, manufacturing techniques, tobacco blending, accessories, pipe collecting, women pipesmokers, and descriptions of every pipe maker in the world at the time. Although the U.S. edition is now out of print, this best seller is regarded as a classic.

"I was fortunate in being able to know and personally interview many of our most respected pipemakers," notes Hacker. "Consequently, much of the information collected within the pages of my pipe books had never been made public before."

Hacker's two current pipe book offerings in America are Pipesmoking-A 21st Century Guide, a softcover retailing for $19.95; and Rare Smoke-The Ultimate Guide To Pipe Collecting, a limited edition hardcover selling for $37.50.

The Ultimate Pipe & Cigar Books, Beverly Hills, CA, Tel: (818) 783-2477, Fax: (818) 995-0463.

Neerup Pipes from XYZ Direct

Pipemaker Peder Jeppesen has been crafting pipes for over 25 years, having worked with Eric Nording and Karl Erik for many years before venturing out on his own. His new line of Neerup pipes - reviving his old family name - are moderately priced in a variety of price levels. The "Selection" series are hand made in standard shapes and have interchangeable mouthpieces. Freehand pipes compete with the best of the Danish market and are individually shaped and fitted.

XYZ Direct, Marietta, GA, Tel: (800) 266-6265, Web: www.xyzdirect.com.

SMOKESHOP - August, 2004