Display Bins for Peter Stokkebye Luxury Blends

Danish tobacco maker Peter Stokkebye is offering retailers a new tobacco bin display for its Peter Stokkebye luxury blends. Each tobacco bin holds 1 1/2 lbs. of either Navy Flake, Twist Flake, or the company's new Bullseye flake blend. Each display and tobacco order includes Peter Stokkebye zip lock bags.

Villiger Stokkebye International, Charlotte, N.C., Toll-free: (877) 605-1577, Web: www.vsicigar.com.

Sherlock Holmes Pipe Set in Meerschaum

Peterson of Dublin has recreated the classic seven-piece Original Sherlock Holmes pipe set in Meerschaum, consisting of the Original, Baskerville, Baker Street, Deerstalker, Squire, Professor, and Watson shapes. Each shape is identical to the original briar series and includes a Silver mounting. As required by Irish Law, all Peterson silver mounted pipes carry three distinctive hallmarks:
  • The symbol Hibernia, denoting the country of origin;
  • The Crowned Harp, denoting the high quality (purity) of the silver utilized;
  • The Date Letter Code for the year in which the silver was hallmarked and the pipe made.
The pipes will have limited availability, and bear a suggested retail price of $306.25 per pipe, or $2143.75 for the complete set including an ebony pipe rack.

Ashton Distributors, Inc., Philadelphia, Pa., Toll-free: (800) 327-4866, Web: www.ashtoncigar.com

G.L. Pease Releases Fillmore

Fillmore is the latest blend in the Fog City Selection by G.L. Pease. A traditional Scottish style broken flake, Fillmore contains ripe red Virginia tobaccos combined with a generous measure of Louisiana perique pressed into cakes that are thick-sliced and gently broken before tinning. "Fillmore presents an elegant sweetness and delightful piquancy, enhanced by a creamy richness that develops throughout the bowl," says company namesake and blender Gregory Pease. Fillmore is available in 2-oz. and 8-oz. tins. G.L. Pease tobaccos are manufactured and distributed by Cornell & Diehl, Inc.

Cornell & Diehl, Inc., Morganton, N.C. 28680, Toll-free: (800) 433-0080, Fax: (828) 433-1083, Email: craig@cornellanddiehl.com; Web: www.glpease.com.

New Aromatics from Dan Tobacco

German pipe tobacco manufacturer Dan Tobacco has released three new aromatic blends through its U.S. distributor, CAO International.
Galway, an addition to the Treasures of Ireland collection, is a black and bright mixture of sweet Virginia and extra-smooth Black Cavendish seasoned with blackberry flavor and a touch of vanilla that delivers a rich yet gentle smoke.
Devils' Holiday starts with a base of gentle Black Cavendish with added tips of golden Virginia flavored with wild forest berries yielding a rich, sweetly fragrant, smooth and full-flavored smoke. Devil's Holiday is currently the number-one-selling Dan Tobacco brand in Germany.
Milonga is blended exclusively for CAO. Inspired by the traditional South American dance, a precursor of the traditional Tango Argentino, Milonga is a blend of sweet Virginia tobacco and "raven" Black Cavendish seasoned with a hint of caramel and vanilla delivering a full aromatic but smooth and mellow sweet mixture.

CAO International, Inc., Nashville, Tenn., Toll-free: (800) 237-8226, Tel: (615) 352-0587.

SMOKESHOP - August, 2006