Boutique Cigars:
La Tradicion Cubana:
Careful Steps Mark a New Beginning

By Dale Scott
The birth, growth, loss, and rebirth of a storied Little Havana cigar maker turning a new leaf in the Dominican Republic.
Cigar Manufacturers:
Unique Blends from Ecuador
By Joseph Finora
Breeding, growing, blending, and rolling unique tobaccos to create some of the market's most distinctive premium cigars, the partners of Puros de Armando Ramos have set aside the "me-to" mentality to forge their own unique path.
Cigar Markets:
Where in the World are the Women Cigar Smokers?
Staff Report
A women's cigar forum in Esteli, Nicaragua sets out to quantify the scope of the female cigar market and lend manufacturers insight to this potentially underserved market segment.

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Proposed Tax Hike on Cigars is a Major Threat to the Industry
- by E. Edward Hoyt III

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