August 1998
Volume 25
Number 4


Hurricane Humidifier from Stewart-Beckwith

SStewart-Beckwith, a manufacturer and distributor of display humidors and accessories, has introduced a commercial grade humidifier, the Hurricane Humidifier. Designed for efficient humidification, the unit can disperse one gallon of water in 12 to 15 hours in a dry, enclosed area. In a 30 to 40 box humidor, it can achieve the desired level of humidification in a matter of hours.

The Hurricane Humidifier requires a low level of maintenance once the desired humidity level is achieved and can humidify spaces up to 1,120 square feet. Using a three-inch PVC pipe coupler for the exhaust exit, the humidity can be adapted, directed, or transported to a location several feet from the unit. This feature makes the unit optimal for locker units.

The moisture is conducted by six commercial sponges which are sliced to increase the amount of airflow, creating an efficient evaporative system. The sponges are removable for monthly cleaning and easily reinstalled. A one-gallon tank is standard with the Hurricane Humidifier, with two- and three-gallon tanks available.

Stewart-Beckwith, 42512 South Second Street, San Jose, CA 95113, Tel: (408) 298-9910, Fax: (408) 293-6506.

Point-of-Sale Software for Retail Management
Posse Systems Corporation presents Posse (Point of Sale So Easy) software, a Windows-based point-of-sale system developed with small business in mind. It can be used on a single PC or run on a large networked system. Easy to use and adaptable to the growth of any business, Posse is now available in Version 2.7

Flexible, fast, and user-friendly, Posse software can be customized to suit your business needs. It is designed to help retailers to reduce customer checkout time, reduce inventories, increase pricing controls, reduce dead stock, reduce stock out and lost sales, increase inventory turns, and free up managers' time.

The system features a multitude of applications including bar code scanning to build an invoice quickly and efficiently; perpetual inventory management to track turnover and view present stock; a customer database; ten levels of inventory categorization; the ability to create inventory, sales, and customer reports; touch screen, mouse, or keyboard to enter SKUs; and electronic cash drawer interface. The software also enables the retailer to generate sales analysis, track customer demographics, hold and retrieve orders, and reprint invoices.

Version 2.7 includes new features such as accounts receivable module integrated, special orders, layaway, import/export, key word global search for items, enhanced customer reporting, instant display of customer purchase history, and a QuickBooks interface.

Posse requires a 486 PC or better, 8Mb RAM, 10 Mb hard disk space, Windows 3.1 or higher, Windows 95, VGA or higher, and a mouse. Options include a cash drawer, bar code scanner, touch screen, and receipt printer. The new Version 2.7 is available for $470; an upgrade to Version 2.7 from earlier versions is $175. Visit the company's website at www.possoeasy.com to download the shareware version of the software. The software package comes with a software demo videotape to introduce the Posse system.

Posse Systems Corporation, 834 West Grand River Avenue, Williamston, MI 48895, Tel: (800) 966-0466, Fax: (517) 725-5696.

Free Guides Help Retailers Assess Benefits of Store Automation
Provides Analysis, Planning Tools for Profit Estimates

IntelliLink Services, Inc., which provides retailers with point-of-sale software, hardware, and consulting services, is offering two free guides to help determine the impact that store automation may have on tobacco shops.

These guides aid tobacco shops in assessing how automated management systems might affect their profits and operations. As no two tobacco stores are alike, each individual retailer must carefully identify his or her store's needs, problems, and opportunities as well as assess certain cost and benefit variables as they apply to actual store operations.

The first eight-page guide, "Store Automation; Where are the Profits?," provides a step-by-step guide to help prepare an estimate of how store automation may affect store profits. The second, "Store Analysis Guide," is a comprehensive guide and planning tool to help identify where the store is today and where you would like to be in the future, leading the retailer through an analysis of store operations.

Retailers are increasingly turning to personal computers and store automation for help in managing their business. A typical store may use PCs, POS software, bar code reader, credit card reader, receipt printer, modem, and cash drawer to process sales and help with inventory control and other store management tasks. According to various industry reports, the appropriate store automation system may increase a store's profits by about two to 10 percent of its gross annual sales.

IntelliLink Services, Inc., PO Box 920, Madison, AL 35758, Tel: (205) 464-6669, Fax: (205) 464-6630.

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