Compact POS System from Westrex
Westrex International has introduced a new PC-based point-of-sale system. The compact size and small footprint of the PCPOS 1500 allow for the efficient use of even the most limited countertop area. Its modular design provides users with an assortment of CPU, keyboard, monitor, printer, and cash drawer options.

Along with the availability of multiple processors at varying speeds, the PCPOS 1500 is fully customizable to meet the individual needs of the retailer, and can be readily integrated with any system or server.

Westrex International, 25 Denby Road, Boston, MA 02134, Tel: (617) 254-1200, Fax: (617) 254-6848.

Hi-Tech Clean Air Systems Helps Combat Heavy Smoke Environments
After years of research and trying all of the cure-all air purification systems, Go Clean Air.com, a division of Niche Resources, Inc., has developed what it describes as a solution for ineffective, outdated technology.

The company provides state-of-the-art smoke and odor removal systems that are quiet, easy to maintain, and cost effective, utilizing hospital grade Hepa/charcoal filtration technology. With over ten years of experience dealing with “heavy smoke” environments, Go Clean Air.com offers a range of built-in systems ideally suited for combating heavy cigar smoke.

All systems have a lifetime warranty on parts and labor, require no cleaning (only periodic filter changes), and are priced less than comparable systems, according to the firm.

Go Clean Air.com, P.O. Box 221198, Louisville, KY 40252, Tel: (888) 428-4598, Fax: (502) 895-8515, Web: www.gocleanair.com, Email: turnkey2@bellsouth.net.

Tobacco Retailer POS Software System Offered by ARS Solutions
ARS Solutions Ltd., a Minnesota-based computer software company, has designed a retail software package especially suited for tobacconists called the ARS Retail System. The system consists of two basic functions, point-of-sale and inventory management, which are designed to assist retailers in maintaining more accurate and up-to-date records.

The point-of-sale system is designed with the speed and simplicity of a cash register in mind. It can be expanded to include a number of free-standing machines, which eliminates any concern for an entire system failure. The inventory management system provides immediate access to detailed information for every product in the store.

To assist in stock management buying decisions, the system provides current quantity on hand, date history, gross profit, markdowns, and cost changes on demand.

ARS Solutions Ltd., 225 North Benton Dr., Suite 214, Sauk Rapids, MN 56379 Tel: (800) 547-7120, Fax: (800) 322-4213, Web: www.arss.com.

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