Brick-Hanauer Adds Value-Priced, Every-Day Cigar

Our Family's Finest is the latest line of premium cigars from Brick-Hanauer Co., Inc. This handmade 100% long-filler cigar is made by Consolidated Cigar's Honduran factory.

"We are proud to have Consolidated Cigar as our cigar maker," says Marc Moss, Brick-Hanauer's vice president of marketing. "Consolidated Cigar's reputation for consistently high-quality cigars, as well as their leadership role in the industry, serves our needs well. Our Family's Finest will prove to be a very nice cigar for the affordable price. We created it as a cigar smokers could enjoy on a daily basis."

Brick-Hanauer chose a medium-bodied blend for the line. "Though many smokers may profess a liking for powerful cigars, medium-bodied cigars remain the most popular choice for regular smoking," says Moss.

The cigars come in two wrapper selections: a golden Connecticut shade leaf and a richer, darker Havana 2000. In both cases, the binder and filler are Honduran tobaccos. Five sizes are available: Viajante (8 x 52), Churchill (7 x 50), Toro (6 x 50), Robusto (5 x 50), and Rothschild (4 x 50). The cigars are individually cellophane-wrapped, in 25-count bundles. Suggested retail pricing is $36 (Rothschild) through $50 (Viajante), at keystone discount.

Our Family's Finest cigars are currently available from Brick-Hanauer Co., Inc., maker of the popular Santa Rosa and Madrigal lines of premium cigars. The Hanauer family graces the label.

Brick-Hanauer Company., Inc., P.O. Box 540473, Waltham, MA 02454, Tel: (800) 255-5556, Fax: (781) 891-0602, E-mail: brickhanauer@fujipub.com

Cigarillo Displays from Davidoff

A new sleek, compact cigarillo tower is the perfect place to display the full range of cigarillos from Davidoff of Geneva - Davidoff, Zino, Cafe Creme, and Petit Nobel. Constructed of clear acrylic, the tower stands 72 inches tall, has a small 9 x 6 inch footprint, and features adjustable shelves. The unit holds up to 16 different styles of cigarillos - four shelves for each of the company's four lines. Each shelf features its own channel strip identifying the brand and style. The tower ships with 60 free sample packs of cigarillos - 10 each of Davidoff Mini, Davidoff Mini Light, Zino Red, Cafe Creme, Cafe Creme Mild, and Petit/Petit Light.

Davidoff is also offering retailers the Cafe Creme three-slot wire display, which holds two units of each style of Cafe Creme - Regular, Mild, and the new Cafe Creme Oriental Aroma. This versatile rack has a small 12 1/4 x 3 5/8 inch footprint, and can be used as either a counter or wall-mounted display. The rack is complimentary to retailers with the purchase of two unites of each style of Cafe Creme, and are available through Davidoff area sales managers.

Davidoff of Geneva (CT) Inc., 550 West Avenue, Stamford, CT 06902, Tel: (203) 323-5811, Fax: (203) 975-0090.

"Memories, Tradition, and Quality" is Theme for New
Packaging, Ad Campaign from La Tradicion Cubana

One of the few surviving cigar factories in the United States to preserve traditional Cuban premium cigar-making techniques, has created new box art and an advertising campaign to celebrate this heritage.

Luis Sanchez, founder and president of La Tradicion Cubana, descends from a Cuban tobacco family and is dedicated to preserving the Cuban art and craft of cigar making. He employs Cuban tabaqueros, who have worked up to 70 years in the world-renowned Vuelta Abajo farms and Havana cigar factories. They roll his La Tradicion Cubana cigars entirely by hand, without even using molds.

"The theme of our company is 'Memories, Tradition, and Quality,' and we live by that creed," says Sanchez. "To pay homage to the Havana cigar craft of old - nearly dead even in Cuba today - we created new box art for our entire line. Our boxes are traditional Cuban-style, with paper labels and filetes (decorative edge wrapping) over genuine Spanish cedar." Though the intricate design hearkens back to century-old Cuban lithography, Sanchez personally designed it entirely from scratch.

La Tradicion Cubana's new advertising campaign features images of the old Cuba, seen today through the camera's eye. The photographs feature American cars of the Fifties, still seen on the streets of Havana.

"In a way," Sanchez says, "Cuba is a page of living American history a half-century ago, and I like the memories it evokes." The words "Best of 2000: Top25Cigar" appear on the ads. They refer to the recent top rating awarded La Tradicion Cubana cigars, by the online cigar web site. The ads will begin appearing this October.

La Tradicion Cubana, Inc., 1894 SW 8th St., Miami, FL 33135, Toll-free: (877) 643-CIGAR, Fax: (305) 643-2527

New Carlos Toraņo Exodus 1959 Premium Cigar Honors Expatriate Cuban Cigar Masters

Toraņo Cigars' new line of box-pressed premium cigars pays homage to the Cuban cigar-making families who fled after the Cuban Revolution. Their exodus began in 1959, shortly after Castro's regime took power and his troops seized their farms and factories. Many of these masters followed generations of making world-renowned Havana cigars.

Most of the Dominican, Honduran, and Nicaraguan cigars enjoyed throughout the world today owe their origins to dozens of these cigar families. Much of the choice tobaccos grown in these countries come from Cuban seeds smuggled off the island by these expatriates.

"Although the Exodus 1959 line highlights the Toraņo family's departure and our contribution to the cigar industry, we thought it important to commemorate the expatriation as a pivotal event in our industry," says Charlie Toraņo, vice president of the company. "The exodus of 1959 undeniably created a cigar industry in the leading cigar-making countries today."

The Carlos Toraņo Exodus 1959 has a dark Habano wrapper. The full-bodied, rich tasting cigar is the most robust in the Toraņo portfolio, blended to approximate the pre-Castro Havanas. It comes in three sizes: Double Corona, Robusto, and Torpedo.

"We have met the current demand by tobacconists for a quality, full-bodied cigar at a reasonable price - retailing from $4.30 to $4.95, at keystone discount," says Toraņo. "Coupled with the prestige of the Toraņo name, retailers are assured of a fast-selling cigar." "We expect the Carlos Toraņo Exodus 1959 to continue building our company's reputation," reports Toraņo, "as have our Reserva Selecta and Signature Collection cigars. The Carlos Toraņo Signature Collection just scored a 4.7, the highest rating ever for a non-Cuban cigar in the history of Smoke magazine."

Toraņo Cigars, 7440 S.W. 50th Terrace, Suite 106, Miami, FL 33155, Tel: 800-7-CIGARS, Fax: 305-661-9083, Web: www.torano.com

Blond by La Perla Habana Debuts

The latest offering from La Perla Habana Cigars packs the punch desired by seasoned smokers, but is distinguishable from other brawny cigars by its claro, rather than maduro wrapper. The honey-blond Connecticut wrapper also departs from La Perla Habana's traditional dark cigars, from the colorado maduro of the Classic to the near-ebony Black Pearl.

"Blond by La Perla Habana" is a Dominican-made premium cigar, with a Cuban-seed Dominican-grown ligero and seco filler that gives it real power for connoisseur-level smokers. A touch of spicy Brazilian Mata Fina leaf is added to the blend to pique the palate. Two true Connecticut-grown leaves - the broadleaf binder and the shade-leaf wrapper - moderate the blend.

The Connecticut shade's silky texture and fine veins give the cigar a luxury look and feel. Painstaking care is necessary to wrap this tissue-thin wrapper, which limits production to two sizes, as only the factory's most skilled craftsman produce Blond.

The company chose Toro (6 x 50) and Torpedo (6 x 52) shapes, being the two most popular sizes across La Perla Habana's other lines. Retail pricing is set at $6.95 and $7.95, respectively, at keystone discount. The line is packaged in 10-count luxury cedar cabinets. Each cigar is dressed in the elegant turn-of-the-Century main band, along with a secondary band at the cigar's foot to ensure product identity and to prevent scuffing of the delicate wrapper.

La Perla Habana Cigars, 859 North Hollywood Way, Suite 470, Burbank, CA 91505, Tel: (888) 441-2447, Fax: (818) 985-2809, Web: www.laperlahabana.com

Miami Cigar Debuts Tatiana Tubes

Tatiana Tubes, the newest addition to the Tatiana flavored cigar line, were launched by Miami Cigar & Co. at the 2001 RTDA Trade Show. The glass tubes come in the classic size in Honey, Rum, Cherry, and Vanilla flavors. Retailers receive an elegant countertop display for the glass tubes. Refills of each flavor are available in packages of 10 cigars.

"As with all of the Tatiana flavored cigars, the new Tatiana Tubes are made with only the finest aged tobacco and purest flavor essences," states Nestor Miranda, vice president, Miami Cigar & Co.

Also launched was the new Tatiana Honey flavor miniature cigars in tins of 10, which come packaged in master packs of 50 cigars.

Miami Cigar & Co., 2533 NW 74th Ave., Miami, Fla. 33122, Toll-free (800) 643-7209, Fax: (305) 599-9114.

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