New 4th Edition of Rudman's Guide
South African management consultant, cigar author, and publisher Theo Rudman has released an updated and improved fourth edition of his Rudman's Complete Pocket Guide to Cigars (How to Find , Select & Smoke Them). The 400 page guide, featuring a new layout and presentation, provides a comprehensive listing of thousands of hand-made and machine-made cigars covering 534 brands, made in 24 countries; a separate Cuban cigar directory listing every Cuban cigar exported since 2000 with personal evaluations and star-ratings by Rudman on 165 cigars; and a quick reference to cigar terms that includes 123 definitions, many with illustrations. New features include a separate chapter on the world's two top manufacturers, Altadis and Swedish Match; an expanded section listing 424 cigar shops in 46 countries; a detailed chapter on Cuban box markings and box codes from 1985 to the present; and a comprehensive temperature/humidity conversion chart. Suggested retail, $14.95.

Altadis U.S.A., Inc., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., Tel: (800) 446-5797, or GOT Cigars, San Diego, Calif., Tel: 619 275-7366. Web Site: www.theorudman.com

Hemingway Humidor
Romance...mystery...adventure. Celebrated author Ernest Hemingway's sense of adventure and passion for exotic locations is captured in a new humidor, part of the Ernest Hemingway Collection. Featuring a tropical elegance reminiscent of Hemingway's homes in Key West, Florida and Cuba, the mahogany humidor features a rattan exterior with leather trim, brass name plates, and a hygrometer. Suggested retail, $400. The collection also features furniture, lamps, sculptures, and reproductions.

Fashion Licensing of America, Inc., New York, N.Y., Tel: (212) 338-0881, Email: hdehemingway@aol.com.

Ashton VSG Estate Reserve Humidor
Prometheus International, Inc. is releasing a very limited number of Ashton VSG Estate Reserve Humidors, each containing 100 Limited Edition Ashton VSG Estate Reserve cigars. Only 200 humidors will be produced by French humidor maker Triad, in four different veneers: 100 Macassar, 50 Red Madrona, 30 Green Eye Maple, and 20 Yellow Eye Maple. Each cabinet humidor has two doors that reveal four drawers, each equipped with a Prometheus Optima humidifier. The second drawer from the top is also equipped with a Prometheus digital hygrometer/thermometer. The front facade of the drawer is finished with varnished Mahogany, and the inside of the drawer is lined with natural Mahogany.

Prometheus International, Inc., Bell, Calif., Tel (323) 261-7200, Web: www.prometheuskkp.com.

A Contemporary French Flame
S.T. Dupont has launched the first of a new generation of lighters, a sleek, feather-light line of blue-flame units handmade in France. Featuring a slim, ergonomic and ultra-light design, X.tend lighters were created with comfort and one-touch operation in mind. The blue flame operates at any angle. The aluminum cases are offered in five metallic tones: manila, khaki, black, brushed metal, and blue.

S.T. Dupont, White Plains, N.Y., Tel: (914) 701-5200.

Combat Smoke with Citrus
Target a nearly universal need among smokers to combat smoking orders with the Citrus Magic Smoke Odor display. Citrus Magic is a non-aerosol citrus-based air freshener that uses only pure, all-natural ingredients. A single spray in a vehicle or room dissolves odors, according the manufacturer, instantly combating stale, smoky air. The counter display contains 24 1.5 ounce units.

Beaumont Products, Inc., Kennesaw, Ga. Tel: (800) 451-7096.

Measuring Cigar Moisture
Adventure Imports has taken the guesswork out of monitoring the moisture content of cigars. The company's pocket-sized Dri-Damp unit physically samples the moisture content of a cigar. A probe attached to this calibrated device is inserted into the foot (cut end) of a cigar, without damaging it. The meter instantly shows if the cigar is dry, wet, or ready to smoke, and allows enthusiasts to monitor and adjust moisturizing equipment to their individual liking. The device, which was invented by a cigar retailer and avid cigar connoisseur, operates on a single AAA battery. Suggested retail, $39.95.

Adventure Imports, Santa Monica, Calif., Tel: (800) 250-7812, 9am - 7pm Pacific Standard Time only.

SMOKESHOP - October/November, 2001