Reblended Macanudo Robust is More Flavorful

General Cigar Co. has entirely reblended its Macanudo Robust line, creating a new bold, more flavorful taste. Initially introduced to the market in 1998, the original Macanudo Robust was created to meet consumer taste preferences at that time. Since then, consumer preferences have evolved, notes General Cigar marketing directory Whit Beebe, with many smokers seeking a fuller-bodied, deeper-flavored cigar. General cigarmaster Daniel Nu-ez developed the new blend, which was narrowed from numerous variations.

Macanudo Robust now bears a rich, dark Connecticut Shade wrapper cultivated exclusively at General Cigar's Connecticut River Valley farms. Nu-ez then combined the sweetness of a Connecticut Broadleaf binder with a fuller-flavored blend of Dominican, Honduran, and Nicaraguan filler tobaccos.

In addition, every size of the new Macanudo Robust now comes square-pressed. Eight shapes are offered: Prince Phillip (7 1/2 x 49), Hyde Park (5 1/2 x 49), Petit Corona (5 x 38), Baron de Rothschild (6 1/2 x 42), Hampton Court (51/2 x 42), Duke of Devon (5 1/2 x 42), Portofino (7 x 34), and Ascot (4 3/16 x 32, 10-count tins).

Macanudo Robust bands have also been updated with embossed bronzed gold elements, and temporary secondary bands have been added to further distinguish the new blend. Cigars are packaged in 25-count boxes, suggested retail ranging from $93.74 to $133.75 per box, or $3.75 to $5.35 per stick.

General Cigar Co., Inc., New York, N.Y., Toll-free: (800) 273-8044, Tel: (212) 448-3800.

Villiger Adds Premium No. 6 Cherry

Villiger North America has introduced a new product in its line of small cigars, Villiger Premium No. 6 Cherry. The small cigar with a tip made of top grade Oriental, Virginia, Maryland, and Java tobaccos, features a new cherry flavor.

Villiger North America Corporation, Miami, Fla., Tel: (305) 477-8162, Fax (305) 477-4283, Email: villigercigars@msn.com.

U.S. Cigar Sales Extends Vega Talanga Brand with Corojo Series

Vega Talanga Corojo Series is a new line consisting of four cigars from U.S. Cigar Sales, each with a unique flavor. The Corojo Series is modeled after a single cigar the company introduced last year - the Vega Talanga Puro.

The Corojo Series features four cigars each with its own distinctive blend. The four blends range from strong flavored to very strong flavored and are full-bodied cigars, in comparison to the medium-bodied original. Two of the Corojo Series cigars have sun-grown wrappers while the others have shade-grown wrappers.

Each cigar in the series features a different colored band and box label, and the name of each cigar shape corresponds to the band and label color in Spanish. The four are: Rojo, (red-banded 5 x 50 Robusto), Oscuro (black -banded 5 1/2 x 62 modified Perfecto), Azul (blue-banded 6 x 54 Belicoso), and Blanco (white-banded 7 x 48 Churchill).

Each cigar in the Corojo Series cigars consists almost entirely of tobacco from the company's farm in the Talanga Valley of Honduras, where the company grows and ages full-bodied Cuban seed wrapper, binder, and filler, including Corojo seed.

U.S. Cigar Sales, Inc., Tampa, Fla., Tel: (813) 626-6663, Fax: (813) 626-8322.

American Stogie Cuban Classic Cigar
Features Genuine Cuban Corojo Wrapper

Importer and national distributor Indianhead has introduced the American Stogie Cuban Classic, a line extension to its long-filler, handmade value-priced cigar line that features a genuine Cuban Corojo wrapper.

"After our American Stogie, retailing at $2, outscored several prestigious $8 cigars in a major magazine's recent shootout, the line has been on fire," said Indianhead president Bill Boch. Unlike the original line - which is box-pressed and bears a blue label - the Cuban Classic line is rolled in the round, and is differentiated by a red label. Boch says the new line was a sellout at RTDA 2003. The Cuban-seed Corojo wrapper has a reddish-brown Colorado Maduro sheen. Both filler and binder are Nicaraguan tobacco. The Cuban Classic's extra ligero filler leaf makes the cigar stronger, giving it a medium to medium-full body. Five shapes are available: Robusto (4 3/4 x 52), Toro (6 x 50), Churchill (7 x 49), Torpedo (6 1/4 x 54), and Presidente (7 1/4 x 54).

Shipped cellophaned in 25-count genuine Spanish cedar slide-top cabinet boxes, the American Stogie Cuban Classic retails for $2.20 to $2.90, at keystone.

Indianhead, Miami, Fla., Toll-free: (800) 292-4858, Fax: (305) 623-5494, Web: www.indianhead.cc.

Perdomo Reserve Now in Cameroon

Tabacalera Perdomo S.A. has extended its Perdomo Reserve line with the launch of the La Tradicion Perdomo Reserve Cameroon, featuring a genuine African Cameroon wrapper and double aged, all Cuban seed Nicaraguan tobaccos grown an fermented on the Perdomo plantation in Nicaragua.

All nine sizes in the new line are crafted in the round: F (4 1/2 x 44/56/52 figurado); R (5 x 54 robusto); D (5 1/2 x 32/54/32 diadema); E (6 x 54 epicure); P (5 1/2 x 55 perfecto); C (7 x 54 churchill); B (6 x 54 belicoso); V (6 1/2 x 32/56/32 figurado) and the widely celebrated X (7 x 54 torpedo). The cigars are presented in compact, space-saving Spanish cedar 8-9-8 boxes. Suggested retail price is $5.75 to $8.40 per cigar.

Tabacalera Perdomo, Miami Lakes, Fla., Toll-free: (888) 642-5797, Web: www.perdomocigars.net.

New Oliveros Classic Collection Cameroon;
Oliveros Gold Series adds Rum, Cognac

Habana Cuba Cigar Company, celebrating the 76th Anniversary of its Oliveros Cigars, has released its Oliveros Classic Collection Cameroon line. A full-bodied Dominican-made long filler cigar, featuring a blend of Nicaraguan and Dominican Ligero, a Dominican binder, and an African Cameroon wrapper. The cigars are packaged 20 per box wrapped inside a distinctive burlap sack for a classic look. For single-stick humidor display, the compact boxes are shelf-friendly: the Churchill's footprint measures only 4 1/2 in. wide by 7 1/2 in. deep. Three shapes are offered: Toro (5 3/4 x 50), Churchill (7 x 50), and Torpedo (6 1/4 x 50). Suggested retail price: $76, $78, and $80, respectively.

The company's Oliveros Gold Series - which is made with Kelt Cognac - is now also available in two new versions, infused with either rum or bourbon. Oliveros uses proprietary methods of blending and infusing the tobacco and flavorings and aging the cigars extra time to perfectly marry the tobaccos and the essence of the liquors. The cigars are packaged in glass tubes packed in cedar boxes of 10, and are now also available in a display showcase which includes 2 sizes (toro, double corona) of all three styles - Cognac, Bourbon, and Rum. The space-saving display holds 36 cigars in a 8 3/4 inch wide x 9 1/4 inch deep footprint.

Habana Cuba Cigar Company, Miami Lakes, Fla., Tel: (877) 902-8226, Email: info@habanacubacigars.com, Web: www.habanacubacigars.com.

Partagas Extends Line with Spanish Rosado

General Cigar Co.'s new Partagas Spanish Rosado offers a unique, brand new taste that reflects the complexity of flavors characteristic of the Partagas line, defined by a new Honduran shade wrapper grown exclusively for the company in the San Agustin Valley of Honduras on the cigars. This rich and lustrous leaf has a consistent reddish-brown color, imparts a spicy taste with notes of cinnamon, and burns into a beautiful white ash, says the manufacturer.

The new line is rolled with a blend of Dominican, Honduran, and Mexican tobaccos and a Connecticut Broadleaf binder. The cigars are medium- to full-bodied.

Four frontmarks are available: Familia (6 x 54), San Agustin (5 1/2 x 52), Mitico (7 x 49), and Ramon y Ramon (6 1/2 x 45). Suggested retail prices are $5.35 to $6.15 per cigar, or $138.75 to $153.73 per 25-count box. Product packaging has features a deep red color scheme to differentiate from the rest of the Partagas line.

General Cigar Co., Inc., New York, N.Y., Toll-free: (800) 273-8044, Tel: (212) 448-3800.

Cuesta-Rey Collector's Edition Pyramid No. 9 Humidor

A new collection of 24 premium Cuesta-Rey Pyramid No. 9 cigars is the perfect gift for those who love Pyramid-shaped cigars. The entire collection consists of Cuesta-Rey Pyramid cigars handmade in an assortment of four different wrapper tobaccos. These Dominican cigars are packed in a free humidor that comes with a humidifier and hygrometer.

Included are six cigars each of the Cuesta-Rey Pyramid No. 9 Natural with Connecticut Shade wrapper, the Pyramid No. 9 Maduro wrapped in Connecticut broadleaf, the new Centro Fino Sungrown Pyramid featuring a full-flavored Ecuador wrapper, and for the first time ever, Stanford's Cameroon Reserve, a new Cuesta-Rey Pyramid cigar made with Cameroon wrapper and named after J.C. Newman's chairman, the first cigar manufacturer to use Cameroon wrapper on premium cigars. Suggested retail price before taxes, $166.80.

J.C. Newman Cigar Co., Tampa, Fla., Tel: (813) 248-2124, Fax: (813) 247-2135, Web: www.cigarfamily.com.

Perdomo Unveils Edición de Silvio

A limited-production ultra-premium cigar line has been announced by Tabacalera Perdomo, a tribute to Sylvio Perdomo, the late grandfather of company president Nick Perdomo Jr.

The company is not releasing any specific details about the tobaccos used in the line - actually an extension of the Estate Selección series - aside from the fact that they are all Cuban-seed and have been aging since before Silvio's passing in 1996. Fermentation of the leaf has been exclusively in bins created with vintage oak casks and Spanish cedar.

"This cigar is a blend of exacting proportions of viso, ligero, and seco tobaccos that my grandfather would have loved," said Perdomo, adding the cigar yields a robust taste with an undercurrent of delicate and complex tones.

Only three shapes are being rolled: Robusto (5 x 54), Double Corona (7 5/8 x 50), and No. 2 Torpedo (6 1/8 x 54). Fifty of each size are packed into a slide-top, perforated Spanish cedar caché, surrounded by Spanish cedar shavings all contained within a Spanish "galleon" chest. Production will be limited to an estimated 25,000 cigars, with a retail price of $17.50 to $25.00 per cigar.

Tabacalera Perdomo, Miami Lakes, Fla., Toll-free: (888) 642-5797, Web: www.perdomocigars.net.

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