Fireklip Keeps Lighter Attached to Smokes
Fireklip LLC has introduced a new, patented product that solves a common smoker problem - losing one's lighter. Designed specially to fit a Bic Mini lighter, the Fireklip is conveniently clipped onto the cover of any standard cigarette hard pack box as well as many other items, such as belts, notebooks, or cell phones.

Made of durable plastic, and measuring only 21/4 x 7/8 the Fireklip is available in a reusable POP display box holding 30 prepackaged clips. It can serve as an ideal promotional item with unlimited customizable design options. Priced competitively with other lighter products, such as Bic's Comfort Grip lighter product, its suggested retail is $1.99.

FireKlip, Inc., Santa Fe Springs, Calif., Toll-free: (866) 525-5547, Fax: (562) 777-9613, Web: www.fireklip.net.

S.T. Dupont Limited Editions Celebrate Warhol
Paying tribute to the iconic artwork of the man known as the Prince of Pop Art, S.T. Dupont is releasing the Andy Warhol Limited Edition Series of pocket lighters and writing accessories. The Line 2 pocket lighters feature burnished platinum finishes with Warhol's famous quotation, "In the future, everybody will be famous for 15 minutes" engraved on the front, along with his signature. On the back is a reproduction of either Warhol's self-portrait or his famous portrait of Elvis Presley.

The pens have "pop"-colored bodies of synthetic lacquer, and platinum-plated pen caps engraved with the quotation and signature; the engravings are filled with black lacquer.

S.T. Dupont, Providence, R.I., Tel: (401) 943-2100, Fax: (401) 943-1081.

New Zero Smoke Snuffs Out Tobacco Odors
Eliminating the odor of tobacco smoke from clothes, hair and car interiors is the purpose of the innovative new Zero Smoke.

Designed to fit into a pocket or purse, Zero Smoke sprays an ultra-fine, unscented mist that works instantly and is non-staining. A locking cap ensures against leaks. The formula is a combination of 11 essential oils which microencapsulate the offensive, odor-causing molecules and renders them neutral.

Zero Smoke is available to retailers on blister cards in both a 24-piece counter and clip strip displays, and in an 80-piece "power panel."

Dakota Products, Inc., Sioux Falls, S.D., Toll-free: (888) 368-2166, Fax: (605) 368-2571, Web: www.dakotaproducts.com.

Display Cases for Zippo Collectors
Wood Dynamics Corp. has introduced new cabinet-grade deluxe hardwood display cases for collectors of Zippo lighters. Made in the U.S.A., the Wood Dynamics Lighter Collector Cases are available in two sizes in choices of cherry, oak, or black walnut. The cases feature tempered glass tops, brass hardware and key lock systems, and red liners. Cases can be displayed "flat" on a table or hung on the wall like a picture. The company is also offering "feet" in matching woods so the cases can be displayed in a slanted, "easel" position.

The smaller model measures 9" x 15 1/2" x 1 7/8", holds 20 lighters, and retails for $51.95. The larger measures 12" x 18" x 1 7/8, holds 30 lighters, and retails for $59.95. A set of two feet retails separately for $11.95.

Wood Dynamics Corp., Woodstock, Vt., Tel: (802) 457-3970, Fax: (802) 457-2051.

High-Tech Hygrometer from Adventure Imports
The new Digital Temperature/Hygrometer Kit from Adventure Imports allows you to utilize 21st century technology to protect your valuable cigar stock. The set includes one digital temperature/hygrometer base unit and one wireless remote sensor. Up to three remote sensors can be hooked up to the base unit, and the humidity readout is accurate to within 2/10ths of one percent and the temperature to .02 degrees. The high-tech device is ideal for maintaining multiple wall humidors, or for home use in a wine cellar, humidors, just by the pool or patio.

Features include a programmable alarm that signals drops or rises in temperature or humidity; maximum and minimum temperature/humidity memory; trend indicators for temperature, humidity, and pressure; a low battery indicator; and a remote scan feature that rotates screens every four seconds. The base unit and sensor operate on AA batteries (included).

The set costs $39.95, with additional wireless remote sensors available for $27.50 each.

Adventure Imports, Santa Monica, Calif., Toll-free: (800) 250-7812.

Hydrocase is Next Evolution of Humidifiers
The Hydrocase is the latest innovation in the quest for optimum humidification for cigars in a humidor. Not much larger than a conventional humidifier, the Hydrocase can be fitted inside a humidor's lid without taking up too much space. Microprocessor-controlled, the device is engineered to regulate humidity at the ideal 72% mark regardless of temperature. It does this by electronically opening and closing its sliding air vent when the relative humidity rises and falls, thus preventing moisture traps and dry zones from forming.

The Hydrocase has an intelligent, electronic control system that is self-monitoring and emits an alarm if anything is out of order: i.e., when it is time to replace the water reservoir in the special sponge; if the battery power is failing (Hydrocase runs on a standard 3V CR123A lithium battery); or in any unlikely malfunction.

The recommended retail price of the Hydrocase is $159.

EGH Electronic GmbH, Sinzheim, Germany, Tel: (49)(7221) 996-58-30, Web: www.hydrocase.com.

Ashton Debuts New Line of Humidors
Ashton Distributors unveiled its line of high-quality humidors at the RTDA Trade Show in Las Vegas, and is now offering them to retailers nationwide.

Manufactured by Tara Cabinetmakers of Ireland, formerly Manning Humidors, Ashton Humidors are available in five finishes: Macasasar Ebony, Walnut Burl, Vavona Burl, Rosewood, and Satin Mahogany. The new humidors will retain the quality and reliability of the discontinued Manning line, but will include enhancements like finger grip trays for improved handling; an improved humidification device; and an improved interior wood design to reduce the remote possibility of warping.

The five finishes are available in small, medium, and large versions, with the Rosewood and Vavona available in extra large as well. Prices range from $1,250 to $12,000.

Ashton Distributors, Philadelphia, Pa., Toll-free: (800) 3-ASHTON, Fax: (215) 676-0335, Web: www.ashtoncigar.com.

LightningAir Ionizer Combats Smoke
LightningAir introduced its first line of air purifiers designed specifically for the tobacco enthusiast at this year's RTDA show. Model LA-2XP with a suggested retail of $449 addresses the needs of cigar, pipe, and cigarette smokers using an advanced two-part air purifying system. Plus, the unique way the XP series generates ions is much more effective than other ionization units, and literally "knocks out" smoke and dust particles from the room. Plus, an adjustable sanitizer removes odors instantly, giving the surroundings a clean, fresh smell. The unit is made of stainless steel and solid wood, allowing the purifier to blend comfortably into any décor. LightningAir dealers experience no multi-level pricing, and have access to retail displays and marketing materials necessary to support sales.

SpringCo Manufacturing LLC, Thomasville, Ga., Toll-free: (877) 312-7200; Email: sales@lightningair.com; Web: www.lightningair.com/dealers.

SMOKESHOP - October, 2004