Personalized Cigar Labeling from Canary Islands Cigars
The tradition of personalized cigar labels was a privilege of royalty started in Spain and introduced to other European countries. Now Canary Islands Cigars Co. is making personalized cigar labels available to U.S. retailers, free of charge with a minimum order of one box of cigars.

Custom labels are ideal for commemorating births, weddings, anniversaries or other special events including golf tournaments, parties, or reunions. Or have bands made to read "From the Private Stock ofÉ" or "Compliments ofÉ" Labels are designed to resemble the actual cigar bands of premium cigars offered by the Canary Island Cigars, including Pe-amil, Alvaro, Condal, and La Fama.

Labels can be fully customized with store or company logos, photos, or other graphics, and feature high quality foil stamping. Stores are encouraged to use the service to create promotional items for their business, or as a free service for their customers.

Canary Islands Cigars Co., 741 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL 33139, Tel: (888) 644-4486.

Web Guru System Assists Web Page Design, Upkeep
Requires No Programming Skills

Metatron Computer Studios, Inc., the company that designed the Tobacconist's Association of America (TAA) web site, has created a new web interface.

The Web Guru System, which was unveiled at the RTDA show in Las Vegas, allows retailers to update and create web pages on demand through a simple-to-use, plain english interface. The system also gives the owner complete control over web page databases for visitors' email, rates of traffic, and inventories.

Metatron Computer Studios, Inc., 216 Buckhorn Rd., Gatlinburg, TN 37738, Tel.: (423) 436-0870, Fax: (423) 430-7476.

Classic Cigar Displays from Smokeshop Designs
Smokeshop Designs, Inc. is providing retailers with a large-scale storage other than a walk-in humidor by releasing its cigar display and storage systems.

Displays are available in a variety of formats, from wall storage systems to storefront showcases. Each includes advanced Cigar Oasis humidification equipment as well as lights and locks. The displays are designed to please the eye and add a classic look to smokeshops.

Smokeshop Designs, Inc., P.O. Box 221198, Louisville, KY 40252, Tel.: (888) 802-3322, Fax: (502) 895-0120.

SMOKESHOP - October/November 99