Pyrolytic Graphite Pipe Book Available
Dr. Billie W. Taylor, a private investor who has smoked a pipe for over 40 years, has written a monograph on the subject of his favorite pipe collectable: pyrolytic graphite pipes.

The 40 page, black & white tape-bound book, The Pipe: Manufacturing and Marketing Pyrolytic Graphite Pipe from Development to Demise, is available for purchase on the Internet. The history of the curious pyrolytic pipes, which were all the rage in the 60s and 70s, is outlined from the beginning up to the pipe's status as collectible today. (Taylor has a sizable collection of pyrolytic graphite pipes branded "the pipe," " THE SMOKE," and "Venturi.")

The author is offering the book only on his secure order website, www.billitaylor.com. After entering the site, visitors can purchase the book by clicking on "Pipe Collector," and then clicking "A History of the Pipe." The cost of the "print to order" book is $10 including postage.

Music City Adds Stanwell, Poul Winslow
Music City Marketing, Inc. of Nashville, Tennessee announces the addition of two new pipes to their current pipe selection. Effective January 1, 2001, Music City becomes the exclusive U.S. Distributor for Stanwell and Poul Winslow pipes.

"The addition of these two pipes not only complements our current line but adds a new dimension to our pipe selection," says Bill Nunnelly, President of Music City Marketing. "We are extremely pleased to have been selected to represent both Stanwell and Winslow and are already working toward bringing some new and exciting designs to the market place as well as bringing back some traditional designs not seen in the U.S. in many years." Music City Marketing is currently the exclusive distributor for Butz-Choquin, Jorn, Castleford, and Servi Meerschaum pipes.

Music City Marketing, Inc., 477 McNally Drive, Nashville, Tennessee; Tel: (800) 251-3016; Fax 6800) 770-5448.

Comoy Christmas 1999-2000 Two Pipe Set
Better late than never, and in this case, a double whammy. Because Comoys of London didn't offer a 1999 Christmas pipe, James B. Russell decided to commission the brand's manufacturers, London pipemaker Cadogan, to develop a special two-piece set for 2000 at great savings. The set contains both last year's "missing" pipe, and one for this year, packaged in a flip top, hinged box. It's a great item for someone starting off, or for your current customer to continue the tradition.

James B. Russell, P.O. Box 429 Upper Saddle River N.J., 07458, Tel: (201) 934-7177, Fax: (201) 934-6370, Web: www.jamesbrussell.com.

Freehand Kaywoodies New for 2000
Introduced at the New York Pipe Show this past spring, the 2000 edition of Kaywoodie Handmade Freehand pipes have been cut to shape by hand from a block of Grecian plateau wood to show off the natural beauty of the briar. The bowls are fitted with push-in lucite stems without any filters. The pipes are stamped with a serial number that includes the production year. And, like all Kaywoodie pipes, they are American-made.

S. M. Frank & Co. Inc., 1000 N. Division Street, Box 789, Peekskill, NY 10566.

Pipesworld.com, Premier Cyberspace Pipe Center
A new website dedicated to pipe smoking features an innovative online "general store" that partners physical pipe stores throughout the world with an extensive array of information. Pipe retailers can join the pipesworld.com's "associate program," entering cyberspace turnkey, and with no risk. Associates are selected on a regional basis. The Pipe and Pint of Greensboro, N.C., has joined pipesworld.com as the associate for the Americas, but other retailers who would like to explore other regional openings may email the site at chiefsupport@pipesworld.com.

The site's mission is to provide "access to products, quality services, and first class navigation," linking people, products, and services in the pipe smoking community world-wide.

A number of business packages are offered, tailored to meet the needs of manufacturers, suppliers, and merchants throughout the world. From retail stores, individual pipe makers, corporate pipe producers, tobacco manufacturers, accessory companies, ecommerce pipe shops, merchants. Pierre Beudry is manager and founder of the site; Steve Beaty is the senior webmaster.

SMOKESHOP - December 2000