Bull's Eye Cigar Cutters
Bull's Eye Cigar Cutters consist of a circular punch-style cigar cutter. However, these cutters have the added convenience of a spring loaded press to rid the chamber of the cuttings. Five cutters are available: the Ejector, 44 Magnum, Silver Bullet, Sport, and Bobcat. All can be attached to a key ring, for easy carrying purposes as well.

Bull's Eye, Aiken, SC, Tel: (800) 585-9149; Fax: (803) 648-8243.

Saloons, Bars, and Cigar Stores
A monumental photographic collection of pre-prohibition American drinking and smoking establishments capturing a lost world ranging from opulent bars with well dressed gentlemen to well worn saloons patronized by the common workman are the subject of a new book, Saloons, Bars, and Cigar Stores: Historical Interior Photographs, by Roger E. Kislingbury. The photographs collected here take the reader back to a time he never knew with an atmosphere full of beer drinking, cigar smoking, card playing, and all the sights of a long lost era. Suggested retail is $60.

Waldo & Van Winkle Publishers, Pasadena, CA, Tel: (626) 792-4461.

Zippo's 2000 Collectible Honors Sacred Power of Fire
Zippo's 2000 Collectible of the Year, The Keeper of the Flame, symbolizes respect, power, and control of man's most essential element. The set features a first-of-its-kind, earth-toned, embossed leather medallion depicting three spirit-like hands encased in a circular antique brass frame on a classic brushed chrome lighter. The set comes packaged in a collector's tin.

Zippo Manufacturing Company, Bradford, PA, Tel: (814) 368-2700; Fax: (800) 362-3598.

Jungle Kashmir Cigar Knife
Gutmann Cutlery, Inc. has combined form and function into one thoughtfully designed knife. The slim profile Kashmir Cigar Knife has a broad guillotine AUS-6 stainless steel blade, large opening for the fattest stogies, lanyard hole for a key chain, and a pocket clip that doubles as a money clip. Folding the blade neatly trims of the end of any cigar. The knife is available in four distinct styles: Black ($42.95 suggested retail), Kaleidoscope ($94.95), Wood with Turquoise ($99.95), Black Gemstone ($119.95).

Gutmann Cutlery, Inc., Bellingham, WA, Tel: (800) 288-5379.

Havana Now! Cuban Music
Las Brisas de Habana is the latest addition to the Havana Now! series of Cuban music. Inspired by the romantic atmosphere of Havana's oceanfront promenade, Las Brisas de Habana gathers together the best of Cuba's most beloved musicians and performers in a rare collection of sultry, sensual tracks that favor a passionate, emotional direction. The release was recorded in the heart of Havana, and captures the integrity of the music of Cuba which has a long-standing tradition with a bright future.

Intercultural Niche Strategies; New York, N.Y., Tel: (212) 248-5900.

BIC Releases SureStart Candle Lighter, Designer Lighters
BIC has released the SureStart Candle Lighter as the latest in its line of child-resistant utility lighters. The lighter is much more feminine than the original SureStart, and is designed so consumers will have an alternative way to light up decorative and aromatic candles other than messy matches or pocket lighters. Also from BIC comes the new Escape and Sea Life lines of designer lighters. These Escape lighters feature exotic scenes of relaxing vacation scenes, while the Sea Life series features a colorful array of marine life.

BIC Corporation, Milford, Conn., Tel: (203) 783-2000; Fax: (203) 783-2081.

Smoker's Natural Choice Dietary Supplements
These dietary supplements were specifically designed with the smoker in mind. The Anti-Oxidant Multi-Vitamin supplement contains a combination of 35 ingredients which help replenish nutrients smoking can rob your body of. The All Natural Bone & Joint Formula helps alleviate soreness in stiff joints and muscles. The All Natural Energy Formula contains 16 ingredients, including Guarana and Ginseng, which will give you a lift when you need it during the day.

Smoker's Natural Choice, Cave Creek, AZ, Tel: (877) 563-7563.

CX Gear Collection, Trifecta from Colibri
The Colibri Group had released two pocket watches for active individuals. Perfectly designed for the outdoors, the CX Gear line of pocket watches are made to last in both jungles and subways. Main features include an electro-luminescent dial, chronograph, and dust-proof compass. The PWS-95637 features a unique ana-digital technology that utilizes both digital and analog methods for monitoring time. Suggested retail is $89.95. The PWS-95627 is loaded with features and is water-resistant up to 30 meters. Suggested retail is $49.95.

Colibri has also introduced the innovative Trifecta lighter. Billed as the world's first lighter with three flames, the Trifecta is instantly able to light any cigar. Smartly styled, the lighter has a Quantum SST ignition system and extra-large fuel capacity. The Trifecta comes in five great finishes; black lacquer and silver, black pearl and silver, stainless steel and silver, blue ice and silver, and tortoise shell and silver. Suggested retail is $100.

The Colibri Group, Providence, R.I., Tel: (401) 943-2100; Fax: (401) 944-9970.

SMOKESHOP - December 2000