New Pipe Offerings from Dunhill

Two new collectible pipes, produced at the Dunhill factory in London in limited quantities, are being offered by Music City Marketing to Dunhill White Spot retailers.

The quaint "Tomato" has an unusual squat shape that fits particularly well in the hand. Available in all finishes and only in group four size.

The "Crosby" (Bing's favorite) is an uncommon Billiard/Canadian hybrid with a long stem as well as a long shank. Crosbys are accented with a Sterling Silver band.

Music City Marketing, Inc., Nashville, Tenn., Toll-free: (800) 251-3016.

Gourmet Poschl Tabak Pipe Tobaccos from Felipe Gregorio

Felipe Gregorio, Inc., the exclusive U.S. distributor for Poschl Tabak GmbH, has introduced three new brands of connoisseur pipe tobaccos made by the Poschl family's third-generation German firm. The blends are made from a variety of extra-select tobaccos from around the world, including Turkish, Golden Virginia, Perique, Cavendish, and Latakia, depending on the brand. "Golden Blend" is available in four different, high-quality flavors: Black Cherry, Amaretto, Mild Chocolate, and Vanilla flavors and retails for a suggested price of $4.50 for a 50-gram stay-fresh pouch.

Thomas Radford "Sunday Fantasy," and Blue Train are natural, unflavored blends. Sunday Fantasy in packed in 50-gram tins, and retails for $6.50, while Blue Train retails for $15.00 per 100-gram tin.

"We are introducing these prestige pipe tobaccos to the United States because of their popularity [among] European pipe smokers, who are known for their discriminating palates," states Philip Wynne, president of Felipe Gregorio. "The Poschl penchant for quality makes them an extraordinary value for the money."

Felipe Gregorio, Inc., Alexandria, Va., Toll-free: (800) 336-1181, Web: www.felipegregorio.com.

Peter Stokkebye Launches Silver Series

In an effort to allow more retailers the opportunity to serve the bulk pipe tobacco segment, Peter Stokkebye International has created the Silver Series. Consisting of six of Stokkebye's most popular bulk tobacco blends, the Silver Series is packaged in space-saving two-pound bags rather than traditional five-pound bags.

"We're allowing the smaller tobacco shop to enter a very profitable segment of the market without a large investment," said Brian Levine, specialty products manager for Peter Stokkebye. "By taking six of our most popular blends - Nougat, Natural, Cherry, Black Cavendish, French Vanilla, and Optimum - we offer the retailer a cross-section of blends that will appeal to most pipe smokers."

While supplies last, retailers who purchase the Silver Series can qualify to receive four free jars and a counter display.

Peter Stokkebye International, Charlotte, N.C., Toll-free: (877) 605-1577, Web: www.PStokkebye.com

Buccaneer Blend Tobaccos Offered in Tins

Buccaneer Blend Pipe Tobaccos are now available in 2-oz. tins exclusively from FGT Enterprises, Inc. From stout traditional Balkan blends to flavorful aromatics, Buccaneer offers a selection of 13 hand-blended gourmet blends presented in eye-catching packaging. Bulk packaging is also available.

FGT Enterprises, Inc., Tampa, Fla., Toll-free: (800) 783-3481.

SMOKESHOP - December, 2004