Xikar Xi3 Tech Cutter Now Shipping
The third time's a charm for Xikar Inc.'s re-released Xi3 Tech cigar cutter. Fresh from a new factory, the Xi3 Tech sports a bead blast stainless body with rubberized plastic handles for a more high-tech, utilitarian product. The ergonomic teardrop shape and double-guillotine action gives the Xi3 powerful cutting ability in one simple squeeze motion. "The body parts require high degrees of precision hand work, as well as exact formula specifications for the rubber handles. The first two factories simply couldn't meet these demands consistently," says Kurt Van Keppel, Xikar's president. Suggested retail price, $79.99.

Xikar, Inc., Kansas City, Mo., Toll-free: (888) 266-1193, Web: xikar.com.

New Water Line Option on HumidiFresh Humidifiers
The store-grade HumidiFresh cabinet humidifier from American Cigar Accessories can now be purchased with a direct-feed water line option that eliminates the need to monitor water level and refill by hand - a float valve controls the water level. Installation is simple and does not require a plumbing professional: users need only a refrigerator icemaker kit with 1/4" flexible tubing, readily available at hardware and home improvement centers, to tap into a cold water line. One HumidiFresh unit will maintain 50 cubic feet of cabinet space. Flexible plastic tubing can easily be daisy-chained from one cabinet to another for multiple unit installation in several display cabinets.

American Cigar Accessories, Atlanta, Ga, Tel: (800) 416-3611.

The Cavern from Zino Platinum
Zino Platinum has extended its high-profile super-premium cigar brand into the accessory segment with the release of a unique, oval-shaped humidor. Created by skilled European artisans using traditional woodcrafting techniques, The Cavern features a removable tray and separate stainless steel accessory compartment to store a cutter, matches, or a lighter. The exterior is finished with 15 layers of hand polished lacquer for a "mirror" finish and appointed with specially designed hand-polished Palladium plated brass. An exclusive humidification system is designed to maintain cigars at a perfect humidification of 70-72%. The unit measures 17" wide by 10 1/4" deep by 5 5/16" high, and has a suggested retail price of $2,800.

Davidoff of Geneva, Stamford, Conn., Tel: (866) 561-5525, Web: www.zinoplatinum.com.

Credo Debuts New Synchro Cutter
Credo, a leading manufacturer of cigar humidification units, has launched its first cigar cutter. Unlike common double-bladed cutters, the Synchro's patented double-axis, gear-synchronized blades converge uniformly at the center of the opening, preventing off-center operation that typically causes one blade to crush a cigar's head against the opposing side of the opening. The blades, made of 54-55 HRC stainless steel, complete the cut by locking together with a surgical forceps-type catch for carrying safety. Synchro measures a sleek 3 1/2" x 2 1/4," accommodates a 54 ring gauge cigar, and is available in three configurations: stainless steel ($100 suggested retail), colored steel and fine wood finishes ($125). The cutters are presented in a handsome box and genuine leather carrying pouch and feature Credo's 100% lifetime warranty.

Arango Cigar Company, Northbrook, Ill., Toll-free: (800) 222-4427, Fax: (847) 480-1221.

SMOKESHOP - December, 2004