December 1998
Volume 25
Number 6


Ashton Smoking Tobaccos: Six varieties produced by McClelland Tobacco
Philadelphia-based Ashton Distributors offers a variety of pipe tobacco blends to suit a wide range of tastes. Ashton pipe tobaccos were first created in 1984 as a complement to the company's pipes.

C.E. McConnell Ltd., a small but renowned tobacco house based in London, was originally selected to produce Ashton's line of pipe tobaccos. Working with Ashton founder, William Ashton-Taylor, they set out to create the distinctive tobacco blends using traditional methods of curing. When C.E. McConnell closed, the McClelland Tobacco Co. was selected to produce the pipe tobacco blends, strictly following all the original recipes. Ashton offers six tobaccos, available in 50- or 100-gram tins:

  • Black Parrot: a blend of Virginia, Carolina, and pure Louisiana Perique. This square-cut tobacco offers a flavorful, mellow smoke.
  • Brindle Flake: partially rubbed-out flake tobacco, flue-cured to capture the natural sweetness of the fine Virginia tobaccos. Delicate in aroma and naturally sweet and zesty.
  • Celebrated Sovereign: a classic English mixture of Syrian Latakia, Turkish Dubec, matured jet-black Cavendish, Bright Carolina, and Red Virginia.
  • Old Dog: a full English mixture dark with Cyprian Latakia, spiced with Macedonian Xanthia. Its lively, rich flavor is a result of aged flue-cured Virginias and jet-black Cavendish tobaccos.
  • Original Oldchurch: an aromatic blend of matured Virginia tobacco spiced with Carolina and jet-black Cavendish. Ribbon-cut for easy smoking.
  • Pebblecut: a blend of red mottled leaf from Carolina, small Oriental leaves from Macedonia, bright nut-flavored broad leaf from Virginia, and Louisiana Perique tobaccos.

Ashton Distributors, Inc., 12270 Townsend Road, Philadelphia, PA 19154, Tel: (800) 327-4866, Fax: (215) 676-0438.

Caminetto Pipes from Italy
Caminetto, of Como, Italy, presents its high-quality line of handmade pipes. The company has been manufacturing pipes for thirty years, carefully selecting the finest materials and applying a high standard of handiwork to craft the finest products. Caminetto pipes are available in three series; Regular, Large, and Peppino; with three pipes in a series. Each pipe's ergonomic design provides a lightness and a balance that emphasizes its high-quality craftsmanship. Five finishes are available - hand-cared, sand blast, red smooth, orange smooth, and natural smooth - personalizing each singular piece.

James Norman, Ltd., 260 West 39th Street, 16th Floor, New York, NY 10018, Tel: (800) 525-5629, Fax: (212) 302-8723.

Mark Tinsky's 1998 Christmas Pipe
Designed and produced by Mark Tinsky, the 1998 Christmas Pipe from American Smoking Pipe Company features a Dublin-shaped bowl with a rounded top. The shank is a graceful, curved 1/4 bent with an oval, saddleblack Lucite stem. The 1998 edition is lighter than the previous two Christmas Pipes and holds approximately the same amount of tobacco. The 1998 Christmas Pipe measures 13/4" across the top, stands 21/8" tall, and weighs in under two ounces.

The first Christmas Pipe was produced for John B. Hayes tobacconist in 1983. It was a modification of a pipe shape from one of their old catalogs. Only about six or eight of this limited edition pipe were made. Since then, this tradition has continued year after year. Each year, more and more pipes have been made, generally averaging about 75 pipes per season. 1987 was the record year, when 144 Christmas Pipes were ordered. These pipes are imminently collectable; previous editions have been found at pipe shows, and a few collectors have all of them.

The pipes are stamped with the American logo as well as "Christmas Pipe" and the year it was made. Generally, they feature classic shapes that have been stylized. Each shape is unique and has never been duplicated. Five finishes are available; natural, light, walnut, sandblast, and rustic.

American Smoking Pipe Company, HC 88 Box 223, 30 Tall Oaks Terrace, Pocono Lake, PA 18347

Mac Baren Offers Club, Newsletter for Pipe Enthusiasts
The Mac Baren Tobacco Co., based in Svendborg, Denmark, now offers pipe lovers the opportunity to join the exclusive Mac Baren Club. Members of the club will be able to take advantage of attractive holiday offers, as well as purchase smokers' accessories at special member prices. In addition, members will receive the club magazine, "Explore the World of Mac Baren," three to four times a year free of charge. The club magazine is filled with articles of interest to pipe smokers, featuring Mac Baren's knowledge and insight into pipes and pipe tobaccos and how to best enjoy them.

Mac Baren Tobacco Co., Porthusvej 100, DK-5700 Svendborg, Denmark, or visit the company's website at www.mac-baren.com.

Peter Stokkebye Celebrates Fifty Years In the Tobacco Industry
On November 1, 1998, Peter Stokkebye of Peter Stokkebye International celebrated 50 years in the tobacco industry. The third generation in the Stokkebye tobacco dynasty, he began his lifelong dedication to the tobacco industry in 1948 in the small town of Slagelse, outside of Copenhagen, Denmark. From a young age Stokkebye was taught cigar rolling, sorting cigars by color, hand spinning tobacco into rolls, and blending premium pipe tobaccos.

After serving in the Royal Guard of Denmark, he pursued his career as an apprentice in Switzerland with Burger Soehne and Vautier Freres. In 1952, Stokkebye set out for America to continue his education in the tobacco business. He landed a job with Universal Leaf, Inc. in Richmond, Virginia, where he absorbed a great deal of knowledge and training. Stokkebye's achievements at Universal Leaf, Inc. soon got the attention of Ed. Laurens of Geneva, Switzerland, where he was hired as head tobacco buyer. He traveled the world buying premium tobacco leaf for the company.

At age 32, Stokkebye joined the family business. Since that time he has helped the business grow and prosper for more than 60 years. Today, he continues to be very active in the company, concentrating on sales of his premium pipe tobaccos and handling public relations.

Peter Stokkebye celebrates his 50 years of service and dedication to the tobacco industry with his wife of 45 years, Bente, and their family, as well as his many friends throughout the world.

Bulk Pipe Tobaccos from Peter Stokkebye Polished with New PAckage Label

Beginning in January, Peter Stokkebye International's Premium Pipe Tobaccos, packaged in bulk in five-pound pouches, will feature a new label. The oval-shaped labels are adorned with the company's crest/logo and feature the names of the Premium blends. The company produces more than 30 different blends of the Premium Pipe Tobaccos. "We have developed a new label we believe is pleasing to the eye and matches the quality of our Premium Pipe Tobaccos," said Eric Stokkebye, president of Peter Stokkebye International.

Peter Stokkebye International, 64 Paseo Hermoso, Salinas, CA 93908, Tel: (408) 484-1777, Fax: (408) 484-1919.

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