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Retail ICE: Free POS Software
CAM Data Systems, Inc. is offering Retail ICE, which stands for "Inventory Control Expert," a new Windows-based software product for helping small, single store retailers manage their inventory and point of sale (POS) functions. The software is being offered free of charge - users pay only for the costs of duplication, materials, shipping and handling, which totals $30 plus tax.

Retail ICE is very full-featured and has been designed specifically for a single store, single user system. "It is the one which we believe most small retailers would buy if they could afford it and knew about it," states CAM Data Systems.

ICE comes with a powerful SQL (structured query language) database from Centura Software, called SQLBase, that powers an array of features. Extensive functions in inventory management, purchasing and receiving, and sales reporting allow retailers to track and pinpoint information in multiple formats. The ICE software is a true 32-bit system, featuring an easy-to-use Windows graphical user interface throughout. It offers the latest in technology. The software has also been made as easy to use with a keyboard as it is with a mouse and supports a variety of hardware such as bar code scanners, receipt printers, cash drawers, computers or customer display poles, also available from company.

Sophisticated upgrades to CAM’s Retail STAR system are available for purchase for larger single-store and multi-store retailers, as are planned e-commerce offerings for setting up Internet stores that link directly back to ICE or Retail STAR programs.

Full documentation is available, as well as one-day classes in Las Vegas for $295. A web site provides extensive self-help resources for the software, including forums, discussion groups, chats, and paid service options.

CAM Data Systems, Inc., 17520 Newhope Street, Fountain Valley, CA 92708 Tel: (800) 726-3282, (714) 241-9241, www.camdata.com.

Turn-key A. Fuente Coffee Service
Smokeshop Designs and Smoke Rings Merchandise have announced a new turn-key operation that gives tobacco retailers an opportunity to get into the coffee service business quickly and easily. Smokeshop Designs is a premier designer and builder of turn-key tobacco store operations. Smoke Rings Merchandise has the world’s largest selection of cigar logo merchandise and accessories. The company’s have been working together for some time. Smoke Ring’s introduction of a complete line of A. Fuente coffee items sparked this latest joint effort.

With two out of three tobacco stores selling and serving coffee, the companies decided to design a coffee operation for tobacconists. The first pilot operation was for Cigar Central in St. Louis, Mo. Owner Glen Metzger was pleased with the results and expects A. Fuente coffee and accessories sales to account for as much as 20% of the store’s business in the next year.

Smoke Rings president, Tom Smith, said, "We are pleased to be able to offer this turn-key opportunity to retailers. We know that once the retailer serves this exceptional coffee to his customers, sales of packaged coffee and accessories are greatly enhanced.

For more information, contact Greg George at Smokeshop Designs (888) 802-3322, www.smokeshopdesigns.com or Tom Smith at Smoke Rings Merchandise, www.smokerings.com.(502) 895-0120.

SMOKESHOP - December 1999

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